Thursday, June 26, 2008

Q&A RESTORATION ONLY(How Do I Restore My Sc/Rambler)

We have access to very hard to get information .
Any questions will be answered promptly as possible .
And to the best ability of our team ...

We can add these Q&A's / hash outs into the Concourse area ,


Another thing that should be written up , since this is a restoration Q&A . Are purpose of
restoration , goals . Is it being built to concourse , Driver , or hot rod . And outline what
the cars are valued at in each category . Have expectations listed ... What can be done yourself .
What you may want to hire out ...good to be realistic . And have this be a really challenging , but fun hobby . Might want to buy a restored car . All the information on what to look for in one area
is what we're trying to do ...Ask or offer info , and will post ...

Q: Are there any spacers used when bolting on the brake booster? How is this supposed to be mounted ?

Q: Is there any minutia details other than what is posted in the minutia area ?
Linc to minutia area here ,

Q: Is it possible to have a concourse correct car ?

Q: Trunk Weatherstrip detail . This is where the weatherstrip butts together , Black electricians
tape is applied to cover this seam ...

Q: What are the inconsistencies of the cars ? It looks like few actual differences ...
NOTE: There is a Inconsistacies area on the blog allready . But am looking to see if more might be known . Bob

Q: What are the Original mufflers ? Oval or round Thrush ? or both ...
A: Both . AMC GUY writes .
Thrush Mufflers: The generally used muffler was the round one. I have seen 6 original exhaust cars and all had the round mufflers. There were some states (ex PA) where glass packs were not legal. These states the oval muffler was used. Gordy said their cars came with the oval muffler. The oval muffler has been documented as being used.

Note: We have the dimensions supplied by Mike Lewis in the Concourse and Minutia Area
of the blog .

Q: Does a serial numbers list exist from the first to all the cars?
A: Serial #s , No list exists that I know of, of all 1512 serial numbers. There are some registry's out there. One is available at the 1512 Forum and I have maintained one for the last 15years. Mine has about 150 cars on it and patterns do emerge with blocks of A & B cars. The 1512 Forum has a very complete registry. AMC GUY

Note: Dave Landrith tried a few years ago , and is going to try again . Not looking good to
get a full list . He has access to a high up Manager at Chrysler, But the records are difficult to obtain . Bob

Q: Does it matter what type of paint is used in a judged event, Urethane , base coat/ clear coat,Enamel ?
A:Paint: No AMC club I know of is docking for using Base Coat Clear Coat or other substitutions in lieu of the original single stage finish. The Mopar Nats Platinum Class would demand that the original finish be duplicated with orange peel.AMC GUY

Q: Are the repro batteries correct ? the terminal posts have been questioned if they are in the right place ...
A: Repo Batteries: They are the best we have. Are they 100%, No. It always bugs me if someone goes to the time and trouble to do a repo why not do it 100%. Must be a tooling cost question.

Q: Is new glass available ? Is it possible to repro the windshield after the OEM glass runs out ?

Q: TAIL LIGHTS How to restore and decipher the tail lights ?.
A : NOTE : Excerpt from a carburetor restorer ..
"The most well-known carburetor material is olive-green colored zinc. Zinc itself is a bright silvery metal that reacts with air and water to make a powdery white material often called ‘white rust’ . To prevent this, carburetor parts are treated in the factory with a chromic acid solution, which forms a thin layer of ‘zinc chromate’ on the surface of the metal. This very effectively protects the metal underneath from being damaged by water or air. This is why carburetors are usually green!"

I believe the coating to the entire tail light was zinc Chromate , and the reflective material is still unknown ...

Note 1 :From discussions with Mike Lewis and the scratch/sandpaper test . We have found that the taillights were never chromed , obviously pulled stock before the chrome process for the Sc/Rambler .

Note 2: A goldish thin coating of zinc chromate was used . Inside and out I found this was everywhere . Inside the trunk view you can see black over spray and the gold coating.

Note 3 :Outside view was painted black . The housing was painted separate from the car . I saw black paint under the tail light flange on the tail pan ...
Looking closer it looks like the tailight opening was masked somehow quick and did not allow
black paint in the trunk area ...

Note 4 : It looks like an silver coating(Not Chrome) was applied to the inner housing for reflectivity. It does not flake like paint ??? . any clear info appreciated to solve this !

Photo's here ( tailights had never been chromed , notice under the sanded areas throughout )
Inside trunk view installed
Trunk side view not installed, note the over spray .
Inside reflector coating with the gold exposed under the silver .
Silver color reflector coating

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