Monday, August 15, 2011

SOLD Gerry Saunders Sc/Rambler tribute car for saleSOLD

After 6 fantastic and adventurous summers, my ride (1968 "m" code Rogue) is now up for sale.

At age 65, I am now wanting to restore one more car and that is a 67-69 Ambassador. Haven't found the right one yet but must part with my SCRambler firstly.

Those that know the car also know the investment/money that I have put into the SCRambler restoration. The only major difference from the real thing is the interior. It has a full leather, bucket seat interior. Did so, for highway/travel comfort!

The car has travelled 15,500 miles since restoration, which includes many long travels. Been to two AMO Conventions and was well recieved at both, recieving a Silver Award (2009) in the Seniors division. (189 points out of 200) Was driven, not trailored!

The vehicle is still near mint condition, ZERO rust issues and totally turn key. Can be driven anywhere, anytime!

Will provide all build details/photos, etc. to interested party!

Restoration began with a totally stripped and sandblasted body shell, with every conceivable part removed and restored/sandblasted individually!

Would love to see the car remain in Manitoba but understand it may not.

Price is open and negotable, as I understand its a tribute car, but will not give it away.

Call or e-mail for more information. 204-222-3083 If not home, please leave message.

Pictures do not do justice to the car, so a visit to Winnipeg is almost a must.

Gerry Saunders There is a single underscore after the 24!

Note: If its a SCRambler you want to "drive", you likely would not drive a real one. This is the next best and a whole lot cheaper! You will not be disapointed!





Kevin Shope Sc/Rambler Date code Apron Detail

New from Ken , The date code he found on the apron of his project ...


We stripped the paint on the wheel side of the right apron and a date code appeared on the shock tower - only readable with paint stripped.

Looks to be January 10, 1969 (11069).

Later this fall I'll be stipping the left side also - there looks to be a number there also.

Thought you might like to see it.

Kevin Shope