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Sc/Rambler How To ID (Is it real ?)

coming to a garage near you , you want the real deal , or a clone ?
Information here should be for identifying what you are looking to own or verify ...
Again one owner original cars are of great value to unscramble some of the mystery .
Please understand there are several clones and nothing wrong with that , just though
they are presented honestly . Any one can reply and share opinions on just where is the line drawn to what a clone or sc/r is ?? Some re bodied cars are so well done that I'd be interested
in what everyone thinks about the taboo subject ...

Lets go to common ground that people that speak Sc/Ramblerese will agree as:
Fact : All 1969 American cars and some 68 cars had the frame connectors .
Fastrogue states , that the frame connector was added in some 68 and all 69 (01 body)
cars . This was adding to the front uni-body frame to the rear of the cars .
Made more structural integrity , especially with the V8's

Note :Want a photo from an older car with out the frame connectors . As I only have 1969 cars .

Fact : All Sc/Ramblers had the 635 tach . 602 is a more common tach and635's get replaced
over the years .
Fact : Front Disc / rear drum brakes ( four piston calipers , Bendix)

Fact : Hood Pins at least should be present along with the stainless spacer

Fact : Paint , A scheme or B Scheme , the A being favored by the majority . I like both !

Not any other color was a special order , Not even pea green .....two choices of RWB !!
Fact : An X for 390 Ci in the dash serial number

Fact : The serial number will match the number behind the steering gear box .
Note : Mike Lewis wrote :The not so secret numbers under the steering box is the only sure way to tell a real SC/RAMBLER from a clone(or nicer word ''rebody'').Even this major detail of documentaion is not foolproof. Some have been known to cut out and replace that stamped section with the original from the SC/RAMBLER donor. Paint removalaround the numbers may be drastic but it should show any welding ?That still does not preclude the possibility that the entire front clip had been replaced ?

Fact : No special orders , Dealer option was only an Am radio . Dealers or persons after the car came from the shipping facility , could put power steering or A/C in .No Way was this done at Kenosha !!!
Fact : A shock absorber plate to relocate the left shock is visible in the trunk LH forward .
Shock relocation plate

 photo Bobsscrambler0041.jpg wider view

 photo Bobsscrambler0042.jpg

Fact : they all have the torque links
NOTE: Jim McKee writes:"The torque links forward bracket has a nut plate weldment inside the rear frame kick up in original SC/ Ramblers. It would be an enormous amount of work to put these nut plates in a body that did not have them originally. I have seen one rebodied SC/Rambler with both these plates installed from inside the car by cutting the floor under the seat, directly over the frame rail for access to install this plate within the frame rail. If a vehicle has one of these plates installed as it was originally and the other one has been repaired, I view this as just a repair. However, I am suspicious of vehicles with two repaired frame rail torque link bracket mount plates."
Thanks Jim !

Grey : Anyone's guess about the magazine photo that shows a regular steering wheel center .
Instead of the wood grain AMX wheel . Opinions please !!

Fact : the car is a 2 door hardtop (no post) Rogue trim .

Fact : Twin bench seats

Note : Hood Pin mount weldment !
Something to add to your list of SC/Rambler only mods is the tab welded on (passenger side only) of the upper core support so that the hood pin can be mounted in the correct position. I believe this to be a factory mod. If anyone disagrees speak up as I have been wrong before...
Courtesy of Joe Roberts

 photo rogueScrmisc0012.jpg
American body car

 photo rogueScrmisc0028.jpg Joe you are correct , Thank you !

Tailights :
Taillights are Zinc Chromate treatment on bare diecasting . Never Chromed . They appear gold/greenish like a holly carb .
Update : A few original owner report one taillight shipped stock had a chrome housing .

Appreciate this courtesy of Mike Lewis ,This plate appears to be Sc/Rambler specific .
We would like to know if any V8 Rouges might of had this tach firewall plate ...

Mikes photo:

My Sc 1 PA car :

my sc 2 AK car:

my sc 3 wi car:

A six cyl rogue plate out:

A six American 1969:

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Brian said...

I know of one, SC/Rambler that was painted black in the early 70's... It belonged to my Uncle and then to my mother...
It was sold to a gentleman in Souderton, Pa back in early 80's
I always wondered if he returned it to factory color.

This car is my unicorn so to speak... haven't had the money or opportunity to get one yet...
mother sold it when I was 15... rode in it lots but never got to drive it