Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sc/Rambler Jack Mintuia

Hi Bob, 

Quite by accident, I now have verification there were at 
least two vendors supplying jacks for 1967 to 1969 Americans.  The 
difference between the two jacks I have discovered is the flip tab 
that changes the jack from going up to down.  One tab is almost flat 
and the other one has a small half a teardrop piece at 90 * to the 
tab.  The picture of Kevin Shope's jack on the blog has the small 90* 
tab.  At this time I don't how I might confirm it, but I think the 
jacks with the 90* small piece were the ones painted  grey and the 
flat tab ones were blue.  Not exactly earth shattering, but more 
strange stuff about SC/Ramblers.

Jim McKee provided this tidbit

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Group 19 Imfo

Hi Bob,
Just thought i'd send you an e-mail regarding some of the info you show on the Group 19 Mallory dual point ignition kits. I've been doing a lot of digging lately as i'm restoring a '70 AMX and I am going for a bit of a 'day 2' feel - torq thrust wheels and some period speed parts in the engine bay. Long story short, I'm going the mallory route for distributor and coil.
About a year ago, a guy had a complete 448 7901 (with mechanical tach drive) for sale on e-bay ($1500 and no bids). Best thing was, he included really good images of all the items included. The distributor, 'coil' (its labeled as a 'transformer') and the street/strip switch are all identified as 'Rev-Pol Mark II' items and the dist tag,coil tag and street/strip faceplate are blue. The mallory part numbers are:
Distributor - ZC564AM (with mech tach drive) - I don't have the non-tach drive part number but the 3 digits would be different as that was how Mallory identified the different castings. ZC makes it a vacuum advance model - which it was, and the parts book diagram shows it that way as well. Mallory used YC on models with no vacuum advance. I was kinds surprised that AMC went the ZC way as 'no vaccum advance' was usually the way racers would go.
Distributor Cap - 4001 - was the part number for the complete 3 piece cap assembly. You can find these on e-bay (NOS for 'stupid' money!) and i'm sure at swap meets. There is a more traditional style of cap available for ZC's and YC's - I don't know if Mallory ever offered it - but Napa Echlin shows the MA5 (vented) and MA9 (non-vented) but i think they are starting to get a bit harder to find - i just ordered one of each and they were the last ones in the US warehouse.
Transformer (coil) - 28675A - so it has an added letter 'A' and it is identified as a transformer, not as a coil. So technically, it wasn't a Voltmaster, even though the case is identical. The case got a lot of use, I've got a copy of a Mallory bulletin from the mid-fifties that shows it as a Magspark Transformer and near the end of it's use there was even an 'Electronic' version.
Street/Strip Switch - 28700 - from what i have read, when you switched to 'strip', it would bypass the ballast resistor and supply full juice to the distributor. They also said not to use it all the time as it would fry the points.
Ballast Resistor - 700 - this is the new Mallory part number, i don't know if it is exactly the same but sure looks to be.
Condenser - 25010 - this is the original brass case one that isn't produced anymore.
To add to the confusion the 'Double-Life' distributor is basically a twin of the Rev-Pol, simply put, it's basically the way it's wired that makes it different. They both have dual points that operate on a 4 lobe cam in the distributor (thus the name 'double-life as the points only worked half the amount versus single points).
I've managed to find a used AMC Double-Life YC531HP (non-mech tach drive, no vacuum advance) that is in reasonable shape. To cover off replacement parts i bought a complete NOS big block Buick Double Life for $99 - everything except housing/shaft interchange. I really like the look of these vintage pieces, though i will more than likely convert it using an Ignitor II as that will work with the Voltmaster coil.
Hope this is of some help.
Colin Hillyard

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sc/Rambler seam sealer detail (trunk)

Here are photo's from Kevin Shope's Sc/Rambler , believed to be original . All comments or added imformation is welcome ...


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Check out the link to a new site thats very interesting to AMC Javelin and AMX ...
Good luck guys !


Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to recreate SEAM SEALER texture 3M

Found this tech how too . 3M has several BKM 's on utube ...interesting as a few of us had a discussion on this exact topic. Feel free to add a comment or pose a question . offer advice ..

Hope this helps

Friday, July 6, 2012

Gerry Saunders SOLD his 68 Rogue Sc/rambler scheme car

Hello Bob

Have sold my 1968 Rogue.

Thanks for the blog, advertiseing my car for sale.

Gerry Saunders

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The 2012 AMO National Show Andover , MA

The 2012 AMO National Show
is in the Boston area at the
Wyndham Hotel in Andover, MA
July 11th - 14th

Here is a linc

Hey all ,
An interesting idea has come up , How would it be to have a group meeting of us Sc/Rambler fans ?
Say we could meet on the swap meet field on Friday . Have a mini seminar , toss around ideas , wish lists and things in general about these cars ...
Any thoughts on this are welcome
I'd like to see a restoration guideline , judging guidline .

Monday, June 18, 2012


Here are some detail photo's of the wiper blades that were Factory OEM On the Sc/Rambler and other cars. These NOS pictures are provide by Kevin Shope

We had a question on the length of these , here is a reply from Kevin Shope :

Interesting that you should ask, as I left out an interesting twist for those trying to save a dime.

Factory stock is 16" length.  The wiper vendor actually showed me and offered me a pair of 15" length units that are identical in every other way than blade length for $40 - NOS Trico.  The 15" are not as sought after/scarce as the 16" on AMC / Mustangs for those years, so better pricing.

So if you want the look, but really need to keep the cost down, the 15" can be an alternative - just know that 16" is factory.



Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sc/Rambler Bumper Jack Details INQ ???

Hi all ,
Here is a note from Jim McKee . We're trying to come to an agreement about the bumper jack detail .
Any one can pitch in here !

Hi Bob,  I have been emailing back and forth with Mike Lewis about his 
posted pictures on the SC/Rambler blog about the jack in the trunk.  I 
am not ready to positively say the pictures showing the jack body grey 
are correct or incorrect yet, because there are some questions to be 
answered.  Mike's initial comments in support of his pictures were 6-
cylinder jack bodies were blue and 8-cylinder ones were grey.  My 1966 
- 1972 AMC Parts Book lists only one jack in 14.138-1 for all 1969 
Americans (01) as PN 318 6391.  This jack was also listed as the part 
number for earlier Americans as 67-68  01 (V-8).  No separate listing 
as 67-68  01 (6) appears for a 6-cylinder jack, however.  I asked Bob 
Hodson what color the jack body on his SC/Rambler was.  He restored 
his to the Alamosa Aqua color as this was close to the color his jack 
was initially.  Mike and I have compared the rivet in the jack body 
and they all seem to have 9B, 9C, or 9G on the head.  My wild guess is 
it may be a supplier code for the rivet??  My unrestored "B" scheme SC/
Rambler jack has a grey body.  My restored 1969 Rogue jack has a blue 
body and bumper piece.  There doesn't seem to be any part numbers on 
the jack bodies or the vertical part with the teeth in it.  Once again 
AMC has set us up for these problems by not keeping any records on how 
these cars were build.  Are the jacks from two vendors?  Could one 
vendor have supplied almost 100,000 jacks a year for the Americans 
built in 1967, 68, and 69?  This may just be one more of the mysteries 
of SC/Ramblers.

I have emailed Mark Fletcher and Bill Strobel about their SC/Rambler's 
jack color.    Regards,  Jim   PS:   Gordy was at Hershey and couldn't 
look at his original SC/Rambler.  I don' have Joe Roberts or Bill 
Smith's email address to query some more original SC/Rambler owners.  
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi all ,
Kevin Shope took the time to add these photo's of an NOS jack he has ...

Quote from Kevin :
I am including full sized photos (sorry about file size) of the NOS jack kit.  Factory paint on these things were very poor.  Even the packaging has worn through this thin crappy job on the NOS unit.  As you can see by the box - it is vintage late 60's.  Decide for yourselves if this is what came in your car from factory.  I pulled this out of the box and unwrapped - this is as good as unmolested gets.  I plan to use it warts and all in the trunk of my car when done.

The gray is kind of satin finish - like a shiny primer gray...

Hope this helps the discussion.

Kevin Shope

Nos amc jack Nos amc jack Nos amc jack Nos amc jack Nos amc jack

Tally Jim has come up with below , All who responded we appreciate that big time . Here is a note from Jim McKee :

Hi Bob,  The totals in the jack body color discovery at this end are now jack bodies 5 grey and 4 blue.  The color of the piece that cradles the bumper is 7 blue and 2 grey.  The jack foot is 9 black and the 1969 ones are stamped U69.  

I think, as I did before, there was probably at least two vendors suppling the 98,000 jacks required for American production in 1969.  This leads me to believe you can paint your jack body grey or blue, the bumper cradle leans strongly towards blue, and the foot is black.  I don't think there can be a definitive statement on the jack body color.  Thanks to you Bob, for all your help and also for those that responded to the great jack body question of 2012.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Repro Parts Inquiry Sc/Rambler shifter hump

Is anyone working on a repro shifter hump? They are nearly impossible to find used.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sc/Rambler A Scheme Decal Location

Kevin Shope currently restoring his Original A Scheme has provided the scans .
Here are the instructions kevin wrote up :

I am getting ready to strip the roof, and before I took the original stripe off, I took a rubbing with tissue paper. Thought the SC community could use this trivial bit of reference material also. I had to scan it in 2 sections due to stripe width.

Instructions for use:

1. Print both left and right out at "Exact or Full Size". Printers will want to scale to fit on paper or something else - make sure tou are printing full size.
2. Cut one on the dotted line.
3. Tape cut sheet onto other sheet with dots exactly aligned.
4. Cut out stripe or window channle edges to give reference for location as required.

If one looks close enough, you will see a secondary shadow line on the rubbing - that is the blue paint edge. The rubbing also gives you the actual size of the black edge on the original stripes.




Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi Bob, At the last Kenosha Historical show, I bought two NOS fuse
panels that looked like they were SC/Rambler fuse panels. There is no
part number on the fuse panels, it is only on the box or bag they come
in. In checking in the AMC parts book, they are listed as 67/68 fuse
panels part number 318 6900. The correct part number for a 69 only
fuse panel is 319 4650. The position of the plugs and the wire colors
that hook up to those plugs are identical between the two. The
difference is two nine amp fuses have been changed to fourteen amp
fuses in 1969. The fuse size embossed on just those two fuse
locations are now 14A. This opens up the number of useable fuse
panels, because it is possible to use any fuse panel from any AMC
vehicle in 67, 68, or 69. You just won't have the correct marking
under two of the fuses on 67/68. Regards, JIm

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Discovery Sc/Rambler Tailight housing Detail (MINUTIA)

This is an excerpt from an e-mail I recieved from Jim McKee:

I am restoring the taillight housings on my high serial number original SC/
Ramber. One is chromate coated all over and the other one is chrome
that has been blasted where the black was painted on. This is the
first time the taillight housings have been out of the body. Perhaps
they were running out of the chromate housings and just substituted a
chrome one. I have no other reason for this anomolie. Regards, Jim

I saw the zinc Chromated tailight housings on one I my Sc's . It the goldish tint like a carburator body would have . I believe the intent was for all the Sc/Rambler's to have the non chromed housing to assist in painting the black .
BUT , Jim found where they must of run out of the run the correct intended part and substituted ...How you use this imformation is up to you !

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sc/Rambler aftermarket performance shocks plus Stock IMFO

Hi Bob, I recently found this brochure in my SC/Rambler stuff and am sending a scan of the brochure.

The original AMC shocks didn't withstand drag racing with slicks well and I fitted these to my original SC/Rambler. I seem to remember they were very pricy at the time I purchased them. The shocks are large diameter and the shocks upper front shield bumps the frame rail when the car is jacked up and the wheels are off the ground. Inside the brochure there are mounting instructions for 38 shock offerings, but no information on what shock fits what. I tried matching end types to identify the shocks I have, but several shocks listed use the same end mounts. Regards, Jim


HI Bob, The Monroe shock # 33049 is for the rear of Americans. I don't think Monroe offers shocks for the front of 67-69 Rambler Americans. They do offer front shocks for 68-69 Javelin/AMXs # 5819 and the rear is # 5803 or # 33049, the same part number as Americans. Information on Monroe shocks courtesy of their website.

I believe, the only company with front and back shocks for Americans is KYB. These gas shocks are white. I have them on my 69 Rogue and am not impressed. The front end dips quickly under hard braking and settles eventually. I changed to polyurethane shock bushings thinking the rubber doughnuts were too soft. It was no help in the diving under braking and pitching with hard cornering. Both conditions do not provide any confidence level to the driver. I have changed front and rear springs, sway bars, installed polyurethane bushings, and played with tire pressures and am still not happy yet.

If anyone wants rear leaf spring polyurethane bushings for Americans, I modify them to fit the rear springs and shackles. They are available in red and black.

The original equipment shocks on my SC/Rambler were black. I don't remember who the manufacturer was. I do know they were pretty lame. My OEM shocks only made it a month until the SC/Rambler got some slicks. The Hurst/Gabrial shocks controlled the vehicle much better. Please remember the engine in my original SC/Rambler had the Group 19 carb, intake, headers, cam kit, and distributor before it was two weeks old. The OEM shocks were just not up to controlling the car with increased horsepower. I do know Kennedy American sells a gas shock for the front and rear of Americans. I suspect they are KYB. I haven't asked Jeff whose they were, because I don't think its my business to know who his supplier is, unless I buy the part. Jeff also has shocks for Javelin/AMXs that are OEM style. They are made by Classic and are red. I have them on my AMX. They work well on a stock AMX. Regards, Jim MOT (Master of Obsolete Technology) Currently working on my doctorate, but the field covers so much obscure stuff that doesn't work it is hard to sort for good stuff and figure out how to use it.