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If you have pictures of The Funny Car , please send them my way to post ...

Note : If you have photo's to share I'll be happy to put them up .
Ran out of memory and sooo many more pictures should of been available ...
Side Note: We had Ten Sc/Rambler show up , Thanks all that had their cars ready .
I know of several other cars that are being restored now , So the count has room to grow !!
Any impressions on the show , write them up and I can make you famous !!

Also want to Thank Gordy , his friends and family . Who all worked hard to make the behind the scenes stuff happen . From directing traffic , to serving lunch . Etc...
I'm sure everyone had a fantastic time !!
Thanks ALL !!!

Hi All ,

This for me , was the first time for the cruise event held Friday . That was a lot of fun .
Had a ride to the event in a Javelin . Barts Car ...
Lots of other make cars showed . Cars from the 30's up .
Hot rods , trucks . A 63 Corvette split window coupe fuelie was sweet !!

After this event we had a bench race session at the old Chilson dealership .
Got to crawl around under the Sc/rambler that was there to view ..
Lots of interesting stuff on stock Sc/R's was pointed out ...
This was a lot of cool car people chat , This went on till One AM for me , but was told
the last ones to leave was 3AM !

A real treat for me was that Shawn from Ontario , asked if I drove an Sc yet .
That would be no . So he took the car a mile or so and let me drive back !!
Now that was totally not expected and appreciated on my part .

The Show is over , but not forgotten . Was happy to meet everyone .
Lots of new friends that have like hobbies ..

Was a perfect day . Sunny , lots of happy people to chat with ... Parts to look over .Etc
The Chilson's really enjoy people to make the effort to show up and have a lot of fun .

Would like to thank everyone for being a part of the 40th year mark celebration of
The Hurst AMC Sc/Rambler !!

Please comment your thoughts on the show . And hope to see everyone again

PS: This is the way to make the most of the Scrambler hobby , Show up where you can
shake hands and talk in person to each other .
The computer is great , but IMO does not come close to being "there"

Photo links here

Restored Stock Car:

Non Sc here

Display case:
One of several more , these are just chock full of AMC promo items and OEM parts . Amazing on how rigorously these items were collected and saved all these years !!
Most items are a full complete set , not just part of a collection . Like if one piece is seen , you can be pretty sure all associated pieces will be there ...

Did not have enough memory for my camera at 5.0 resolution.
Wanted to take many many more photo's
You can e-mail me photo's if you like , and I will be sure to post ASAP ..


Anonymous said...

I owned a Rambler American
back in the 70s and I swapped
a 199ci for a 401ci that came
out of a station wagon.
I've got a question for you.
*If the Hurst SC/Rambler came
out in 1969, why does it not
have the smaller square back
window that all the Rogue and
Americans had?
The SC/Ramblers appear to have
the body of a 67. Do you know
anything about this?

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

Hi ,
Yes , quite a few details on the Sc/rambler share the same parts as 1966 through 1969 American's .
66 had differant tailight openings and lenses . along with differant front headlight trim .
67 - 69 shared the most parts . The 2 door hardtop (no post) cars , mainly Rogues were what the Sc really was made of . 69 had lots of specific parts true to that year .The date codes show the Sc is a 69 manufactured car . Lots of details on exchange are listed in the blog .
Bet your 401 was a blast in the American body car !
Thank you for the question .

Anonymous said...

Not really understanding your
but thanks for getting back.

Clearly we see the back window difference in Americans in 1968
and 69.
So the only thing that comes to
my head is that Hurst was given
unsold or left-over bodies
from two years back which
explains why the wrap-around
window shows up on the SC Rambler
and not on factory un-modified
So with the factory having
re-tooled for a minor change
in the sheet metal of the rear
windsheild area for 68 and 69,..
how does SC end up with the older
body? Surely these Hurst cars
were NOT factory fresh cars.
For if they were truely 1969
cars, the back window would have
been smaller.
The implication is that AMC
was trying to recycle 2 year
old un-sold car bodies. So
to my way of thinking it would have been false advertising
(maybe even fraud,) to present
these Hurst SC American/Rogue
cars as brand new for 1969.
Obviously they were built
BEFORE 68 as per the back
windsheild shows.
So is that all you know about
this subject?

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

Hi ,
The only thing I'm aware of is there is the rear window for the sedan
with post, And the non post 2 dr hardtop has a window to fit those .
. Other than that , I'm at a loss what you mean . BUT will ask this question for you around to the pro's ..
Thanks again , should hear more soon

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

The 1967-1969 09s (Rogue) all use the same back window. The 2 or 4 dr sedans use the same back window for 1967 or 1968/1969. Yes I have all the books. Will try to take a car but no guarantees as my garages are packed with stuff I bought while I was gone and I am just now getting to it. Bill

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

What SC/Rambler 1969 writes in response (I think this is you, Bob) is
correct about the rear window. Anonymous's second email is seriously
flawed. AMC would not able to use "unsold or left over bodies",
because there are important changes from 1968 to 1969 Rogues. One of
those changes is on 1968 Americans the accelerator mechanism is
mechanical and in 1969 all Americans use a cable operated
accelerator. There are also fewer inlet vent openings on the cowl of
1969 than on 1968 Americans. The extension of the front frame rails
to the back of the front of the rear seat footwells started in very
late 1968 and was in all 1969 Americans. The other misconception
"Anonymous" alludes to is sending 1500 plus or minus 1969 Rogues to
Hurst which has been proven to be false many times. I said plus or
minus, because Hurst did make over some small number of 1969 Rogues to
show AMC what could be done to a V-8 American Rogue. I also believe
Hurst provided a vendor source list allowing AMC to do the
modifications themselves to 1969 Rogues. There is another widely
distributed photo of the 10,000 th AMX coming off the Lakefront line
with a SC/Rambler right behind it. Charcoal interior trim was also
available in at least 1968 and 1969 on all Americans. This includes 2
Door Post cars, 4 Door cars, Station Wagons, and Rogues.

Regards, Jim

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

Bob, Email me this guys phone number and I will educate him on all SC questions or problems he has. Or give him my phone number 412 606 9998 Nice to here from you! Gordy

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

I copy pasted some of the responses , but we're all in agreement about the sc/ramblers are 1969 cars , and the rear window is clearly visable at a cars show in the main post as for the hardtop cars .
The super show was Gordy Chilsons and family reunion , hope they put more of these on !
As always questions / comments are welcome and this blog is alive and ready to assist . With help from sevearal original owners , AMO judges , restorers , plus what any owner finds that looks legit / untouched to document ...
PS hot rod non stock imfo wanted also

Anonymous said...

I left the original question.
If you enthusiasts will just
stay focused on just the differences in the back windshield, that would be helpful.
Now then, my observation is that
by 69 all American(now called
AMC Rambler) and Rogue cars had
a body update which was the smaller rectangular (no longer
curved wrap around) back windshield.
This change in back window began
in 68 and ended in 69, so both
68 and 69 had a smaller back
67 American and Rogue bodies
clearly have the curved glass
wrap around back windshield.
So again, if the SC Rambler
was a true 1969 car, how did
it end up with the older back
windshield glass? That glass
was discontinued at the end
of the 67 model year, and the
permanent change in the sheet
metal was made in 1968 to acomodate the newer style
rectangular back winshield.
So they moved forward with
a new and permanent alteration
in the sheet metal area of the
back window STARTING IN 1968.
So how did the SC Rambler
(only made in 69) end up with
the 67 body?
You folks seriously
can't tell me that you've never noticed that the SC was built
with the older body?
I think Hurst was given old
left over bodies from 67.

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

We are focusing on the correct subject . Do you know what a sedan body compared to a hardtop is?
Take a close look at the real Sc/Ramblers in the super show post (or any 69 Rogue car). I took a photo of the rear windows of the cars . They all wrap around . There is no way 1512 plus car bodies are two years old on any Hurst car . Sc/rmabler included . Are you goofing around ?