Thursday, February 25, 2010


What would be cool to do here is have anyone that has photo's and any memorabilia . Or imformation about the Vignale AMX ...

What is happening is that this car is currently being restored By Rory an Employee of Fred Phillips . Fred has quite a massive collection , has AMX II , Garner Baja car (one of the two 4X4's)A low miles SC/Ramber and many many others .

Will put up any imfo you would like to see , as Rory has said he is fully into the restoration of the Vignale AMX and will share each detail for us .
Hope we can get some great stories pictues of the car in action , anything that will be good to have presented with the car at shows .
Any mechanical details would be greatly appreciated ..

Hope we can put somthing together to Give Fred a hand here

Will be putting a lot up soon !
Bob Rascoe