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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sc/Rambler Blue Wheel color match

Hi Guys ,
A question has come up about how accurate the paint matches between the given paint code we know from the Sheets . And the Original color on the cars rims. Its been brought up that the paint is lighter on original 45 year old rims .
My guess is over the years the paint has faded , And the paint codes will have reasonable color match as its supposed to be ..
We have all seen commercial of the Mustang in a junk yard with oxidized paint , get the paint restore treatment ...
Any thoughts on this is appreciated as always
Thanks for taking the time reading this


Replies from very good sources :

Bill Strobel 

The problem is the paint. Modern paint uses different pigments to achieve the color than were used with the original paints. The Corvette hobby runs into this all the time when cars are painted with modern paints using formulas with the approved substitutes. The color is close but not right when compared with an original color. The best deal is use an original spot of paint or an original color chip and then tint the paint to match. That is the only way to match modern paint to original colors that were used back the 60s -80s. Just be glad our colors are solid and not metallic. Today's metallic is a different size than was used back in the day and creates a different look when viewed in the sun or under the lights. No way to accurately match the look with modern paints. Bill

Jim McKee 

 Hi Bob, I believe the paint would be some what lighter on 45 year old blue wheels, because all paint fades as it ages. I have recently seen SC/Rambler wheels from a weak light blue to early FORD engine paint which is quite dark. There was a SC/Rambler sold in Michigan recently and the wheels were very light blue. More than fading could cause in my opinion. I would think they were rattle canned whatever color baby blue paint was available at Home Depot.

I don’t paint, because I have absolutely no expertise in this area. I am of the opinion the wheel color is supposed to match the blue in the stripes on SC/Ramblers. AMC cars were originally painted with acrylic enamel. I would expect any original paint cars to be heavily faded or completely chalked out by now. The vinyl stripes should have faded out to the black vinyl they were made on. Most current paints are a base color with a clear coat, because of its durability. The body color on my SC/Rambler is a recent Corvette Linen White color. I believe GM also painted this color on trucks. I like the color on my SC/Rambler and its easy to get a color match for more paint.

I have very good results with the paint the local distributor supplies the paint shop I use use. There is one locally that can convert the original AMC paint codes to a current paint color thats widely available. They have been in business for 52 years and have old car color charts for the old paint codes. At least for the AMC cars I have have had painted. I painted a Frost White AMX, the three colors on my SC/Rambler and an Alamosa Aqua Rogue with a Frost White top in the last ten years. The paint matched the paint in the trunk and inside the doors on the AMX and the Rogue. The SC/Rambler was a rotisserie job. Most of the better paint distributors have a machine for color match if they don’t have a conversion for 45 year old AMC paint codes, I believe the machine does a very good job at matching colors. I have not had any experience with spot in jobs on my AMC cars, because I haven’t done any of those. I am very pleased with the paint color match on my AMX and Rogue sitting side by side even though they were painted seven years apart. Its possible to get very close to the original SC/Rambler paint colors if you want to. Regards, Jim

Eddie Stakes

Hi Bob several reasons for this. AMC was known to use what is in parts bins that day, for instance is a 69 Javelin with blue interior coming down line, and not all interior pieces blue, a tray would roll along with car till the end where appropriate pieces painted (could have been red, tan, black in 69) dried, then installed. The big problem was not letting the line stop for any reason. If it did, there would be hell to pay, especially for a slow selling model like SC/Rambler or say, Rebel.
On top of that you had a variety of paint suppliers to AMC. Rinshed Mason, Dupont, also Martin Senoir come to mind, there are more but listed in my AMC PAINT section
I can tell you stories of AMCs damaged by owners in 1970s, taken to AMC body shop at dealers, fixed, painted, but while it looked super repaired, take another look at it from 15-25 feet away and you would see a slight, not noticable up close, but slight discoloration, might be a cunt hair lighter or darker. Which means the dealer ordered paint probably from 3rd party.
Regardless, if someone is comparing a original paint on a almost 50 year old rim, I guarantee you that patina, UV discoloration and ANYTHING that rim has come into contact the past 5 decades including soap, brushes, cleaners, will discolor it and usually gets lighter. Same with AMC rally rims, same with Rebel Machine rims, those turn a light silver for instance.
how many colors of red do you see in this original owner AMX with 'red' interior? When the cars were new, you had deviations in the colors of interiors due to moldings, plastics used and paint. Some of them had 5 'shades' of whatever color is was supposed to be. New.
So yes, chances are the 'bright blue' on the rims have simply faded with time. PS I have a hurst SC/Rambler page on my site from many years ago
and a photo of my A paint one bought for $500 in 1990s
Eddie Stakes
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