Monday, June 9, 2008


Where can I get better SC/RAMBLER information ?

A: Go back in time , to around Febuary 1969 . Hang around with AMC line workers and Hurst people .Talk to Dave Landrith(President Of Hurst Ind. Detroit) , H L Shahan (Engine Builder).
H L Was the expert Man on all the SS AMX cars , tweaked the Sc/R's that were brought to orange County Speed way(Seven cars . Also more about Dave and H L on the blog ..

Hang out at the the third floor of the Kenosha building .Watch hurst's crew put the special parts on the cars . Be around the parking lot as the cars are awaiting delivery . Hop on the trains and car haulers . 1512 cars were factory original then .

Other than that , this blog and contributers of real info has no peer . Or I would be reading
the alternate "best " site . Other than that go to car shows , compare cars . Look for one owner original cars . Talk to Mike Lewis , Gordy Chilson , Joe Roberts , Jim McKee , Bill Strobel , Andre Jacobs . Eddie Stakes and others . Pour over any and every "small" home spun site's , web pages .Phone owners that have low miles cars , rare cars . Contact Linda Vaughn . Heck contact James Garner .A guy named Joe , Fred , owners of restoration shops ..all this and more to be continued on this blog !!!
hope thats worth you nickel !!
Bob Rascoe

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