Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parts Sheets

Am scanning and have some P/N notes included


This is the A and B Scheme factory parts list .Note B's bottom blue stripe does have a P/N !
Sc/R Ornamentation Front view
Rear View

Frame / floor panels NOTE: this might be an answer to what frame connecters are ..

Body (uniside)

Rims/Styled are the right ones:

Bumper Jack:

Clutch linkage:

Rear End :

Rear End Torque Links:

Wiper motor:


Brakes/Wheels P/N sheet:

Electrical P/N Sheet:

Front suspension/steering:

Cross members:



Carb. Air Cleaner Duct and shrouds:

Smog parts:

Engine Cooling System
Cooling grill:

Dual Exaughst:
This one does not have a lot for the SC/R , but some pieces must be similar , Chrome ends , clamps .

Sc/R stock smog (bottom one)

Emergency Brake :

Hurst Shifter and related parts
Note: non sc/r shift lever and no T knob

Climate control

Dash Assembly:

Rear Suspension:


jimi said...

Hello very nice info here Iam new to the scrambler world as I just bought my first scrambler project! Been looking for along time for one! This info will really be helpful to me thanks so much for all the post here! How can I get a hold of Gordy? Thanks Jimi

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

Hi jimi ,
Thanks for the complement and its exciting that you have your first sc/rambler !
Gordy's number is 412-606-9998
9 pm eastern time should be good .
Enjoy your car !

jimi said...

Hello Bob thanks for Gordys Ph# I will contact him! I will be contacting you too, as Iam sure I will need more info on this car! Thanks Jimi