Thursday, June 5, 2008


First off , This is One of Two 1969 4X4 James Garner AIR Team Baja race cars .
There were Ten cars total , the remaining eight were 2WD ....
Read more about this here :

Will put up the last name of Fred if he chooses ...

Been playing phone tag the past few weeks , left a message the other day . And unexpectedly
had the return call from Fred .. Very good car chat !! He is a very busy guy . And has a dream
car collection on steroids !!

We tailed about a gambit of cars . AMX II , AMX III , Roller AMX II and III cars . Roller is the cars built by AMC on a tight budget in 1969 . They had no drive train .
Fred noted that a guy he knows has one of the Roller cars , and wants to drive it . We both thought . No No . leave it original !!!

On Cars related to the Sc/Rambler , he owns the Baja car , and a 5,000 mile original Sc/Rambler.

Will firm up the previous owner of the Baja car before Fred bought it . Richard ???
Richard had a 4X4 shop . So bought the car years ago ..
The Baja car sat for years , and Richard's son brought it to a swap meet to finally try selling it .
It was offered at a low price and no one had interest in it (OMG)!!!

Finally it was put up on E-Bay auction . Fred wanted the car and was trying to do a buy it now.
$25,000.00 was offered and refused .. At this time the bids were around $8,000.00 .
Richard wanted the auction to run through .
The car ended with Fred getting the high bid to win the auction at $16,077.00 .
Richard was happy with what the car brought , and they did the deal perfectly ..

Another prized item is the Sc/R dealer promo kit . If the Dealer received two Sc's one of the cars would have the promo display package in the trunk .
The kit had the paper sc/r licence plates , and several cardboard items that were put on the car to point out a feature ...some were triangle to stand up and others lay down ...
This kit was about two foot by one foot ...

Here are some TEASER photo's of the Baja car ! First the story of the water color paint .
Richard was going to clean the Baja dirt off the car . His Wife was there and saw the water colors were being removed . She suggested that this was historical with all the names ect , and he should not remove ANYTHING . They both agreed to not touch it again ...
Guys , Listen to your wives ...!

Fred says the car is like it had left Baja yesterday !!! Here are the photo's
Car letters / names / insignia
front wheel well area
Starter button ??
drivers seat
rear underneath


Thanks to Fred for the exciting talk and photo's

Article by Bob Rascoe

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