Friday, January 20, 2012

Sc/Rambler aftermarket performance shocks plus Stock IMFO

Hi Bob, I recently found this brochure in my SC/Rambler stuff and am sending a scan of the brochure.

The original AMC shocks didn't withstand drag racing with slicks well and I fitted these to my original SC/Rambler. I seem to remember they were very pricy at the time I purchased them. The shocks are large diameter and the shocks upper front shield bumps the frame rail when the car is jacked up and the wheels are off the ground. Inside the brochure there are mounting instructions for 38 shock offerings, but no information on what shock fits what. I tried matching end types to identify the shocks I have, but several shocks listed use the same end mounts. Regards, Jim


HI Bob, The Monroe shock # 33049 is for the rear of Americans. I don't think Monroe offers shocks for the front of 67-69 Rambler Americans. They do offer front shocks for 68-69 Javelin/AMXs # 5819 and the rear is # 5803 or # 33049, the same part number as Americans. Information on Monroe shocks courtesy of their website.

I believe, the only company with front and back shocks for Americans is KYB. These gas shocks are white. I have them on my 69 Rogue and am not impressed. The front end dips quickly under hard braking and settles eventually. I changed to polyurethane shock bushings thinking the rubber doughnuts were too soft. It was no help in the diving under braking and pitching with hard cornering. Both conditions do not provide any confidence level to the driver. I have changed front and rear springs, sway bars, installed polyurethane bushings, and played with tire pressures and am still not happy yet.

If anyone wants rear leaf spring polyurethane bushings for Americans, I modify them to fit the rear springs and shackles. They are available in red and black.

The original equipment shocks on my SC/Rambler were black. I don't remember who the manufacturer was. I do know they were pretty lame. My OEM shocks only made it a month until the SC/Rambler got some slicks. The Hurst/Gabrial shocks controlled the vehicle much better. Please remember the engine in my original SC/Rambler had the Group 19 carb, intake, headers, cam kit, and distributor before it was two weeks old. The OEM shocks were just not up to controlling the car with increased horsepower. I do know Kennedy American sells a gas shock for the front and rear of Americans. I suspect they are KYB. I haven't asked Jeff whose they were, because I don't think its my business to know who his supplier is, unless I buy the part. Jeff also has shocks for Javelin/AMXs that are OEM style. They are made by Classic and are red. I have them on my AMX. They work well on a stock AMX. Regards, Jim MOT (Master of Obsolete Technology) Currently working on my doctorate, but the field covers so much obscure stuff that doesn't work it is hard to sort for good stuff and figure out how to use it.