Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sc/ Rambler Inconsistancies

From Looking at a lot of Cars over the years we have noted these subtle differences with
assembly of the SC/R ...
More Info Very Welcome !

The AM Radio was the only option  The dealers could instal if anyone wanted one after the car arrived on the lot . Not from the factory ..
The inconsistency we have seen is the Antenna Mounting . It should be on the cowl . But some are located on the passenger side fender . There was a template in the radio kit for the antenna mount stating the cowl ,

Taillight housing has been reported by some owners as one Chromed , the other zinc dichromate like a holley carb body . Normally the Sc will have just the non plated finish that appears goldish . So the black paint would adhere better

Horn(s) , Reports coming in of single horn cars as to save weight and battery drain are most common . Some low tone , some high tone . Can be pass or driver side as well . Along with double horn cars .

Exhaust Heat shield
Some have these and some do not .
The shield under the trunk and over a rear mounted muffler. This is the large shield
BY the gas tank and NOT THE SMALL ONE ON IT.

Door Tags
Not sure if it is mentioned in the 'inconsistencies' section but have seen 6 different AMC paint codes for SC/Rambler:
00, SPECIAL, SPEC, 08, 88A & 00A, might be more, those remember right off head.
Here is one off my site:
this is from the door trim tag section of PRODUCTION/TECH

Courtesy of :Eddie Stakes' Planet Houston AMX 713.464.8825
email reply currently 5-9 days8-19 day reply times, just call!

Fuel line :
The Drivers side fuel line as it comes into the side engine compartment .
The drilled hole entry w/ rubber grommet
The through the bolt hole entry :

Starter Solenoid Passenger side placement but ....
Will get some better views , that shows one solenoid on the shock tower
, the other to the rear further on the side panel

Hood Scoop : Note , Dave Landrith confirmed only Two hood scoops were stock ...
Goodbye to that Myth !
One Myth is that there were three different sized hood scoop openings etc.
I thought the same as Gordy did , before he said anything about it ..
Have only noticed TWO different ones !! . Please add to this if you have seen different ...
Pictures :
Please Disregard the VFN repop . And the mess !

Head Rests :
Two Grain patterns of the vinyl cover . The smoother leather appearing one seems to have darkened with age . Gordy can show you this stuff ...
The pattern that resembles the seat side stayed the brighter red .
Am guessing the colors were the same dye ?
pictures : note they might not be visible on your screen :::

Shifter knobs T Style :
Either the Four Speed shift pattern style , Or the HURST Style ..Opinions ?

Thrush Mufflers :

Either the round glass pak style : Keep in mind these did not last long , and this is not a one owner car . Sure looks convincing . Can use feed back or another source to back this up ?
Notice : The first owner of the car with the round mufflers is being sought for his info.
Photo coming of the Hush Thrush Oval Muffler .
Gordy claims his , one owner original car, that he still owns had this style from the factory .
jb said...
My first sc/rambler purchased new had hush thrush, oval. Other had round. I currently have oval, purchased years back for original.

Steering Wheel Center :
Note: We've seen a photo in a magazine of a regular rambler center instead of the AMX
style center . That the majority/all were documented to come with . Could this of been because a proto-type car was not fully together and this was substituted once ???
Or are there other cases of this anomaly ?? One owner stock cars would have a lot of weigh in here !

Front seat belts : Had two positions
This is the plastic holder for vertical hung seat belt . below the rear side ash trays

This photo is from a classic 69 magazine . What is the explanation of what this is doing
on an Sc/Rambler ?? The famous Rambler steering wheel center picture .
Prototype car and did it get delivered to a customer like this ??

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