Monday, March 26, 2012

Sc/Rambler A Scheme Decal Location

Kevin Shope currently restoring his Original A Scheme has provided the scans .
Here are the instructions kevin wrote up :

I am getting ready to strip the roof, and before I took the original stripe off, I took a rubbing with tissue paper. Thought the SC community could use this trivial bit of reference material also. I had to scan it in 2 sections due to stripe width.

Instructions for use:

1. Print both left and right out at "Exact or Full Size". Printers will want to scale to fit on paper or something else - make sure tou are printing full size.
2. Cut one on the dotted line.
3. Tape cut sheet onto other sheet with dots exactly aligned.
4. Cut out stripe or window channle edges to give reference for location as required.

If one looks close enough, you will see a secondary shadow line on the rubbing - that is the blue paint edge. The rubbing also gives you the actual size of the black edge on the original stripes.