Monday, October 24, 2011

Sc/Rambler wheel lip detail Front Fender

These pictures are of the wheel lip bends . I am not the original owner .So lets let the pro's comment on these details . If its agreed they are the real thing they are .Note: I tried to get a shot of where the lip seems to follow a body line referance .At the start of the bends ...
As trivia , How did the factory do these bends , a special tool??Looking to find out ...
Front bend:Photobucket
Front bend with referance point:Photobucket
Front , another view :Photobucket
Tighter front view:Photobucket
Center inside , this really is flat and the edge fits right in the fender line nice:Photobucket
rear detail:Photobucket
rear detail 2:Photobucket
rear better detail:Photobucket
rear lip detail:Photobucket
Lip view , shows how straight this really is : Tight bend...Photobucket
Lip view , shows the radius that was undisturbed for the inner tight bend .:Photobucket
Full view:Photobucket
Shots to show more evidence that these are actual Sc/Rambler original 1969 fenders .Note the red showing under the white . some black pinstripe is left .Emblems are real OEM also ...This is 1969 factory . Or a partial redo as factory .Comments are welcome ....Photobucket
Another:This is just so original !Photobucket
Another full out side:Photobucket
Hope this helps , had question on these .Also will post the AMC bend sheet if I can get one ..
Here is the sheet for the wheel lip :


Wheel lip detail shortcut