Saturday, May 3, 2008

AMC Factory Options Info

From many sources and documentation to back this up .
The sc/Ramblers had one optional dealer installed item( AMC recommended), this was the AM radio . The cars all had this radio delete plate .

Options that could of been installed in 1969 or later , other than radio package . This would of happened after the dealers received the cars . NOT from Kenosha , WI .
Note : Group 19 plus AMC recommended Vendors would apply also

Air Conditioning .
The dealer possibly installed aftermarket and oem a/c units .
Note: The dealer installed factory a/c had an ash tray alteration with it. You could not open the ashtray after you installed the a/c and the extra ashtray grip came with the dealer a/c kit.
Courtesy of Mike Lewis

Anyone could of retrofitted A/c or power steering etc .at any time after the cars were off the dealers lot .

Of Course AMC did have a list of Vendors they recommended . Machine work mostly .
I saw this stuff in person , and it wowed me !

And Group 19 and /or aftermarket parts were installed on the majority of the cars .
Every one I believe , will agree out of the possible 300 cars left. Most have been modded . A lot to the hilt .

On that Note , the factory original cars have owners that have maintained the factory stock
integrity of their cars . Would it be a disservice to ignore these owners ??
Or the ones that want to restore to stock ??
I would hope not , also if someone claims something is factory stock and its questionable .
Please show proof , documentation !!

To some degree a lot of persons restoring , want at least a few items stock looking .
Even hot rods owners may want to get a headliner , the stripes .Etc

Build the way you want to . This site is here to try to be a fun place and get info you want to know . No matter which way you want your ride to be .
Hope fully we get to the point where anyone can look up info , and find an answer to inquiry's
no matter if you are a novice or pro !!

This Blog will not self destruct !!

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