Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sc/Rambler On Ebay . Mike Lewis's Rare Mostly Original Car For Sale ! Rare Opportunity to buy one like this !!

Rare 98% Original Sc/Rambler On Ebay

Would really like to own this example of a very complete Scrambler . With many rare goodies .
Good luck Mike , looking forward to this car making history !
Luck to all the serious bidders !!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wiper Motor Service AMC

Hi Bob... My friend David Bass restores SC/Rambler and AMX wiper motors. Here is the link to his web site... Dave is a former SC/Rambler owner and is currently restoring an AMX. I've seen David's work first hand and he does a fantastic job. I mean his wiper motors are perfect. Please give his web site a look and please note the before and after pictures.
any comments or blog posts about David's service would be appreciated.

Thank you...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sc/Rambler Door Paint Detail


I have a posting request.  Take a look at my combined photos of the charcoal painting on the doors.  Left vs. Right.

I am interested in getting other original paint Scramblers photos like this to help decide how common this was on Scramblers.  I have to decide how I want to restore the doors - Both like the right, or 100% "factory".  Let's try to solicit photos from others involved on the blog.

Kevin Shope

 photo leftamprightdoorrearcomparison_zpsc6a7705f.jpg  photo leftamprightdoorbottomcomparison_zpsfc615658.jpg

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sc/Rambler minutia from Q&A area HEATER CONTROL VALVE

Hi Bob,   In the SC/Rambler Q & A section of the blog, someone asked 
if heater control valves had numbers stamped in them.  The part number 
in the AMC Parts Catalog 1967 thru 1972 for the valves is in Group 
13.035 and is part number 319 0162.  The correct NOS heater control 
valves and my original heater control valve have "69"  stamped 
underneath the control lever in addition to "on" and "off".  The 
control lever covers the numbers up in the off position.  They are 
only visible when the lever is past the halfway open position.  Ranco 
made the valves up until about 1998 when they went out of business.  I 
believe only the valves supplied by Ranco to AMC had the numbers 
stamped in them.  The last time I saw one for sale was at the last 
Kenosha Historical Society Show there was one  correct valve in the 
original unopened AMC packaging with the punch card of the purchasing 
dealer in 1969 wrapped around the box offered for $400.00.    
Regards,  Jim

Sc/Rambler at Scottsdale


Thought you might like to spread the word.  Maybe we can all watch another increase in the value of our cars take place this year.

(2) SC's will go up at Barret Jackson on Wednesday Night:

Lot 499.1 - A Scheme car

Lot 500 - Matt Wilson's old B scheme car - "Johnny Lightning" version

>From the looks of it, they should cross the block in the later hours of coverage on Wednesday night.

Should be a good way to spend a cold winters night in the northeast!


Eric Gardner Sc/Rambler and Exhaust For Sale Details

New from Gardner Exhaust:
Here are our reproduction Scrambler  hangers.  They have been reproduced from our originals and come zinc plated, built with correct corded tire rubbers, correct bolts, lock washers, and star washers, all of the pieces  have been reproduced from the originals.  They are available with any of our Scrambler and AMX exhaust systems.  I will send you some pictures of the hangers next to original as well.

Thanks again for the posting we are excited to be able to offer these hangers to the Scrambler enthusiasts so they no longer have to make due with tired old originals.

Best Regards,

Eric Gardner
Here is the new set , following photo's are comparisons of OEM to the Reproduction set
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Here is an e-mail from Eric , cost of system ommited for now ..


You can blog these now if you like if you can keep the price off at first that would be great. We like talking to our customers so we make sure they are ordering the right stuff and we also offer differrent options. For instance we can ceramic coat the flanges, zinc the hangers but obviously that would add cost. The system as you see it with the brackets welded on but without the hangers would be $???.??.
Here is what you would get.

Front pipes, flanges, extension with donuts, adapter pipes, glasspack mufflers, tail pipes with brakets welded on, we can include clamps for that price but they obviously would not be the q-clamps. If you want q-clamps they would be $??.??/ set extra, we can include the tips, and the hangers but they would be extra also. I am working on getting the strap clamps for the tips as well.

Thanks again for the kind words and all your help on the restoration. We are going to try to start the car again today so I will try to get some pictures to you.

Best Regards,

Eric Gardner

Gardner Exhaust Systems
(845) 758-8003 (P)(845) 758-0980 (F)

Here are the pictures !!! Enjoy

Gardner Exaust

Gardner Exaust

Gardner exhaust

Here is Erics personal Sc/Rambler ...As you can see Eric is formost a car guy and lucky for
us has reproduced the exhaust ...

Eric Gardner SC

Eric Gardner SC

Eric Gardner SC

Eric Gardner SC

WoW !!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sc/Rambler Jack Mintuia

Hi Bob, 

Quite by accident, I now have verification there were at 
least two vendors supplying jacks for 1967 to 1969 Americans.  The 
difference between the two jacks I have discovered is the flip tab 
that changes the jack from going up to down.  One tab is almost flat 
and the other one has a small half a teardrop piece at 90 * to the 
tab.  The picture of Kevin Shope's jack on the blog has the small 90* 
tab.  At this time I don't how I might confirm it, but I think the 
jacks with the 90* small piece were the ones painted  grey and the 
flat tab ones were blue.  Not exactly earth shattering, but more 
strange stuff about SC/Ramblers.

Jim McKee provided this tidbit

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Group 19 Imfo

Hi Bob,
Just thought i'd send you an e-mail regarding some of the info you show on the Group 19 Mallory dual point ignition kits. I've been doing a lot of digging lately as i'm restoring a '70 AMX and I am going for a bit of a 'day 2' feel - torq thrust wheels and some period speed parts in the engine bay. Long story short, I'm going the mallory route for distributor and coil.
About a year ago, a guy had a complete 448 7901 (with mechanical tach drive) for sale on e-bay ($1500 and no bids). Best thing was, he included really good images of all the items included. The distributor, 'coil' (its labeled as a 'transformer') and the street/strip switch are all identified as 'Rev-Pol Mark II' items and the dist tag,coil tag and street/strip faceplate are blue. The mallory part numbers are:
Distributor - ZC564AM (with mech tach drive) - I don't have the non-tach drive part number but the 3 digits would be different as that was how Mallory identified the different castings. ZC makes it a vacuum advance model - which it was, and the parts book diagram shows it that way as well. Mallory used YC on models with no vacuum advance. I was kinds surprised that AMC went the ZC way as 'no vaccum advance' was usually the way racers would go.
Distributor Cap - 4001 - was the part number for the complete 3 piece cap assembly. You can find these on e-bay (NOS for 'stupid' money!) and i'm sure at swap meets. There is a more traditional style of cap available for ZC's and YC's - I don't know if Mallory ever offered it - but Napa Echlin shows the MA5 (vented) and MA9 (non-vented) but i think they are starting to get a bit harder to find - i just ordered one of each and they were the last ones in the US warehouse.
Transformer (coil) - 28675A - so it has an added letter 'A' and it is identified as a transformer, not as a coil. So technically, it wasn't a Voltmaster, even though the case is identical. The case got a lot of use, I've got a copy of a Mallory bulletin from the mid-fifties that shows it as a Magspark Transformer and near the end of it's use there was even an 'Electronic' version.
Street/Strip Switch - 28700 - from what i have read, when you switched to 'strip', it would bypass the ballast resistor and supply full juice to the distributor. They also said not to use it all the time as it would fry the points.
Ballast Resistor - 700 - this is the new Mallory part number, i don't know if it is exactly the same but sure looks to be.
Condenser - 25010 - this is the original brass case one that isn't produced anymore.
To add to the confusion the 'Double-Life' distributor is basically a twin of the Rev-Pol, simply put, it's basically the way it's wired that makes it different. They both have dual points that operate on a 4 lobe cam in the distributor (thus the name 'double-life as the points only worked half the amount versus single points).
I've managed to find a used AMC Double-Life YC531HP (non-mech tach drive, no vacuum advance) that is in reasonable shape. To cover off replacement parts i bought a complete NOS big block Buick Double Life for $99 - everything except housing/shaft interchange. I really like the look of these vintage pieces, though i will more than likely convert it using an Ignitor II as that will work with the Voltmaster coil.
Hope this is of some help.
Colin Hillyard