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Jim McKee on Parts interchange SC/R related

Quotes from Jim :

By 1969, all Americans had the front frame rails extended toward the rear of the car. This strengthened up the unibody platform to reduce twist in the body with V-8s.

Floorpans are the same in 1968 and 1969, but the desirable front frame rails are the same on late 68 and all 69 Americans. That means you will have to look under a 1968 car to see if the front frame rail extends back to the start of the rear seat footwell. If it does, it is the same as SC/Ramblers.

The chances are good your V-8 passenger side inner fender panel is rotted out from battery drool. Look for a six cylinder 68 & 69 American to harvest this panel from, because the battery is on the driver’s side in six cylinder Americans.

Name (description) Group AMC Notes number number
Part numbers are from 68-72 AM parts books and are for reference only.

Steering wheel 10.280 All 68-69 AMXs, option on other models

4-speed transmission 6.001-3318 4518 Borg Warner AMC T10-P close ratio, 67-74 V-8s 1 1/8" x 10 input shaft yoke must match year of transmission

Transmission yoke (4-spd) 9.104 320 7887 67-69 1.192"od x 28 spline, 70 up 1.207"od x 28

Transmission mount (4-spd) 1.013 318 0442 avail Kennedy American ??(old style fits SC/R) not the Chinese one

Speedometer cable avail Kennedy American

Gearshift lever mtg. bracket 7.017 363 5762 67-74 V-8 4-spd cars (use OEM part with OEM shifter) Aftermarket Hurst shifter is incorrect (aftermarket mt moves shifter back 5/8",
& is used w/ Hurst Competition Plus shifters (bolt on handle) w/ adj. shifter rods)

Gearshift T-handle (SC/R Fine thread) 7.030 319 8606 70 Boss Mustang w/hole on side (fine thread) also available from Hurst-Nostalgia T handle #153-5000 (fine thread)

Gearshift handle nut 7.030-2 319 8696 avail from Hurst

Gearshift lever 7.001 319 8118 OEM Hurst part SC/R only (not bolt on)

Shifter housing (nylon interior part) 7.017-2 319 6449 69 SC/R only & all 70-71 V-8 4-spd cars (not 68-69 AMX) fiberglass reproduction available

Shifter box w/ lever & T handle 7.002-1 319 6316 Hurst OEM shifter for 69 SC/R & 70-71 V-8 4-spd cars

1-2 shift rod (not adjustable) 7.125-2 319 5687 69-71 V-8 4-spd cars (rod is 1 piece, adj levers on trans)

3-4 shift rod (not adjustable) 7.125-4 319 5688 69-71 V-8 4-spd cars (rod is 1 piece, adj levers on trans)

Reverse shift rod 7.125-6 319 5685 69-71 V-8 4-spd cars (rod is threaded for adjustment)

Shifter bushings 7.125-7 319 6311 avail from B & M/Hurst in nylon or steel

Back up light switch on shifter box Must find NOS (aftermarket shifters have L shape brk)

Shifter boot 7.013-2 318 9199 avail Kennedy American (round black rubber)

Shifter ring avail Kennedy American (round, painted silver)

Power brake power unit 8.400 449 5575 68-69 American w/ disc brakes only (single diaphram)

Power brake bell crank to pedal 8.420 320 7805 SC/R and V-8 Americans w/disc brakes only

Master cylinder (disc brake) 8.035 448 5574 avail Kennedy American

Parking brake handle 8.180-4 318 1753 avail Kennedy American

Road wheel (Magnum 500) 14" x 6" 8.270 319 4995 also 68-69 AMX, Javelin & Matador (face blue on SC/R)

Trim ring, road wheel, sm. black clips 8.274-8 319 4996 also 68-69 AMX, Javelin & Matador

Center cap 8.270-2 319 3812 also 68-69 AMX, Javelin & Matador

Center cap emblem avail Kennedy American

Spare tire wheel 14" x 6" (trunk) 8.270 319 6511 SC/R & 70-71 V-8 Hornet & Matador (steel road wheels)

Air cleaner 448 9295 base same as V-8s, seal & top SC/R only

Hood air scoop (repro avail VFN fiberglass) 10.001-10 363 5758 SC/R only ( rectangular or oval opening)

Hood scoop damper control dashpot 12.001-18 319 8690 SC/R only ( working part hard to find)

Hood w/ flap base SC/R only

Hood scoop damper (flap) 10.001-12 319 8689 SC/R only

Hood tie down pin 12.001-23 363 5760 SC/R only, pin has lanyard

Hood pin lanyard

Hood tie down plate 12.001-24 363 5761 SC/R only

Hood tie down nut 12.001-25 363 5767 SC/R only

Hood tie down stud 12.001-22 363 5759 SC/R only

Hood damper control hose 12.001-21 319 8692 1/8" black rubber vacuum hose

Hood damper control nipple 12.001-21 320 2247 1/4" pipe thread w/ 1/8" hose barb

Hood emblem, center 12.004 448 5834 69 Americans only, repro avail Kennedy American

Hood emblem, center, clip 12.125 437 7405 2 req'd, push on spring clip

Front fender, left 12.075 620 0035 Rework 68-69 Amer. fender, dwg #363 5636

Front fender, right 12.075 620 0034 Rework 68-69 Amer. fender, dwg #363 5637

Side marker bezel 121.078 448 5038 Use 360 1956, avail Kennedy American

Hood moulding, front 12.004 448 3105 all 68-69 Americans

Hood moulding, front, bolt 26.096 400 1658 7 req'd, avail Kennedy American

Hood moulding, front, nut 17.438 G144567 7 req'd, avail Kennedy American

Front grille 2.050 363 5628 all 68-69 Americans (flat black on SC/R)

Grille moulding, lower 2.050 448 3919 all 68-69 Americans

Grille moulding, lower, clip 26.032 7 req'd

Roof to body molding, left 26.077 448 3379 all 68-69 Rogues

Roof to body molding, right 26 077 448 3378 all 68-69 Rogues

Head lamp doors LH 3.252 358 3890 all 68-69 Americans

Head lamp doors RH 3.252 358 3888 all 68-69 Americans

Tire air press. Sticker (glovebox) 14.145-3 319 8450 avail Jim Osborn Reproductions or Kennedy American

Jacking instructions (trunk) 14.145-4 319 7296 avail Jim Osborn Reproductions or Kennedy American

Window sticker (69 new car) avail Jim Osborn Reproductions or Kennedy American

Coolant sticker (rad. core support) 14.145 318 7588 avail Jim Osborn Reproductions or Kennedy American

Twin grip sticker (pass. wheelwell in trunk) 14.145 315 7268 avail Jim Osborn Reproductions or Kennedy American

Emission sticker (firewall over heater core) 14.145 321 2321 avail Jim Osborn Reproductions or Kennedy American

Outside mirror (2 req'd) 15.270 363 5765 SC/R or 69 Hurst Olds, avail Fusicks

Outside mirror gasket 15.270-2 363 5768 SC/R or 69 Hurst Olds, avail Fusicks

Headrests( red, white & blue) 29.171 363 5626 SC/R only, very hard to find NOS

Steering box, manual (20 to 1, quick ratio) 10.290 319 3543 also 68-69 AMX/Javelin (20:1 ratio, 5.6 turns lock to lock)

SC/Rambler emblem (fender) 2.078 363 5763 avail Kennedy American

Rambler emblem (fender) 12.078 448 6532 also 69 Rogue

SC/Rambler emblem (below rear deck lid) 26.039 363 5764 avail Kennedy American

Rambler emblem (below rear deck lid) 13.078 448 6532 also 69 Rogue, has red, wh & blu bar at end

390 V emblems (on fenders) 12.078 448 5317 avail Kennedy American (2 req'd)

391 V emblem nuts 12.075 400 0573 2 req'd each emblem, also used on side marker bezels

Trunk weather-strip avail Kennedy American

Gas cap also 69 Rogue (flat black on SC/R)

Taillight housing, left 3.303 363 5631 flat black on SC/R

Taillight housing, right 3.303364 5630 flat black on SC/R

Front springs (.505"-.525", 18.3" tall free ht) 11.072 318 5129 SC/R also 68-69 AMX heavy duty only, not Javelin

Rear springs 11.110 320 8481 (6 leaf, 52" x 2" wide)

Swaybar 0.028 317 9449 67-69 Amer. V-8 HD 7/8" dia.

Driveshaft 9.100 319 8057 only SC/R (.083" wall thickness)

Universal joint, driveshaft (only SC/R) 9.107-2 448 7436 Dana/Spicer ("621" on trunion caps, no grease fitting)

Torque link bushings avail Kennedy American, urethane (rubber stock)

Torque links 11.100 also 68-69 AMX (10 1/4" length)

Axle hub avail Kennedy American

Antenna 15.030 352 0866 dealer installed/ AM radio) on passenger front fender by windshield
block off plate in dash standard, no antenna

AM pushbutton radio all 68-69 Americans w/ radio, dealer installed option for $61.20

Tachometer (radiator clamp mtg) 3.700 319 8894 Sun Super Tach ST-635, red above 5000 rpm.

Distributor 3.030 319 3199 Delco Remy 1111473, all 68-69 390 cu. in.

Carburetor (4-barrel, 525 cfm Carter) 4.001 319 4512 AFB 4664S/ AFB 6044S, all 390 manual trans. cars

Oil filler cap (chrome) 1.068 319 2127 also 68-70 390 V-8s

Valve covers (chrome) 1.068 319 2125 also 68-70 390 V-8s

Radiator 2.020 319 4331 Blackstone, 2 core, 69 V-8 Amer. (no longer available)

Fan, radiator (7 blade HD cooling) 2.002 319 5201 use 319 7749 ( 3 rivet, 5 7/8" tall blade)

Fan, spacer HD cooling 319 3385 67-69 V-8 Americans (2 3/4" long)

Exhaust pipe, front, right 4.187 319 8060 only SC/R

Exhaust pipe, front, left 4.187 319 8059 only SC/R

Exhaust pipe, rear, right 4.187-2 319 8070 only SC/R

Exhaust pipe, rear, left 4.187-3 319 8071 only SC/R

Muffler (close by Dynamax owns Thrush) 4.210 319 8063 Hush Thrush (2" center in & 2" offset out)

Tailpipe, left 4.227 319 8061 only SC/R

Tailpipe, right 4.227 319 8062 only SC/R

Tailpipe extension, chrome 4.227-2 319 4842 also 68-69 AMX & Javelin (2 req'd) avail, Kennedy Amer.

Muffler & tailpipe clamp 4.230 319 0706 also 68-69 AMX & Javelin

Insulator, tailpipe support 4.234-7 319 1134 SC/R only

"A" style stripe kit Trunk stripe (blue) 23.009 363 5750

Roof stripe (blue) 20.420 363 5749 Individual pieces are avail. Kennedy American.

"AIR" on hood scoop (blue) 12.001 363 5748

Arrowhead on hood (blue) 12.001 363 5747

"390 CU. IN." (red) 12.001 363 5746

Front of hood (blue) 12.001 363 5745

"B" style stripe kit not reproduced, painted on OK

Front crossmember 10.002 318 2245 all 69 V-8 Americans except wagons
V-8 Gremlin crossmember will fit, engine ground strap on wrong side (weld hole & drill on other side)

Motor mounts same as 68-69 AMX, some after-market will not fit headers

Battery cable (starter relay) 3.200-2 318 6881 all 69 V-8 Rogues (Prestolite)

Battery cable (ground) 3.196 319 4629 all 69 V-8 Rogues (Prestolite)

Battery box 3.082 319 4129 all 68-69 V-8 Americans & 6 cyl w/AC

Trunk mat 29.319 361 9870 all 68-69 Rogues (turquoise solid color)

Bumper jack all 68-69 Americans (body & bumper piece are Ford blue)

Bumper jack handle 14.138 314 0947 all 68-69 Americans (black)

License tag light 319 8099 use 319 8678, avail Kennedy American

Accelerator cable 4.057 319 4526 all 69 V-8 Americans, avail Kennedy American

Heater control valve (on firewall) 13.025 319 3388 mfg, Ranco

Tires 5 req'd Goodyear Polyglas E70x14 redline, avail Kennedy American

Ditzler paint codes for SC/Rambler
P9 Bright red 71816 SC/R only
P10 Bright blue 13936 SC/R only
P88 Bright white 8810 SC/R only
P7 Flat black 9378 SC/R only
69-R91 Interior charcoal metallic delete suedeing compound from formulation

Group 19 parts for 69 SC/Rambler
Hi performance cam & kit 19.140 448 6719 cam, lifters, pushrods, springs & retainers
Intake manifold (aluminum) 19.167 448 5728 Edelbrock R-4B (PN cast behind carb flange)
Blocked heat riser manifold gasket 19.167 448 8475
Headers, left 19.167 448 5727 Doug Thorley
Headers, right 19.167 448 5726 Doug Thorley (removable tube @ starter)
Distributor (dual pt. no tach drive 19.300 448 7900 Mallory Double Life (4 lobe cam w/dual points)
Coil 19.356 448 8059 Mallory Voltmaster (add resistor for AMCs)
Ignition resistor 448 8058 Mallory
Steering box, manual (very quick) 319 3542 special order 16:1 (4.5 turns lock to lock)
Differential, locking 19.900 448 6997 Detroit Locker
Rear gear set (3.54 ratio stock) dealer inst. 2.87, 3.15, 3.73, 3.90, 4.10, 4.44, & 5.00

Wheel studs are 1/2"-20 thread, 5 studs on a 4 1/2" bolt circle.
Moser and Williams make one piece axles for AMC Model 20 rearends. They are very strong. It’s the stock removable axle
flanges and splined axles that are not.
Detroit Locker, True-trac, and Auburn are available for the Model 20 rear. (68-69 two piece posi's work well)
VIN number must start with A9M097X & serial number (six numbers) (matches number on frame behind steering box).
All 69 SC/Ramblers use an accelerator cable.
The only dated parts, I know of, that must precede build date are the trunk lid, hood, & the transmission.
Correct engine is 390 cu. in. Engine displacement is cast in AMC blocks on both sides under motor mounts. 68 and 69 are identical.
All four fender lips are rolled from body reveal line to body reveal line.
Radio delete plate was stock. AM pushbutton radio was the most popular dealer installed option.
Air conditioning & power steering were never factory installed, but could possibly be dealer installed w/ documentation.
Desirable other options were from "Group 19" parts and they were also available dealer installed only.
Holley 750/780 vacuum secondary carburetors work well for street driven 390s & 401s w/ Group 19 parts.
Crane Cams did the development work on the SS/AMX engines & ported all the SS/AMX heads.
Valve lift under .500" will usually clear stock pistons, but not top of valve guide to bottom of retainer.
Check & cut top of valve guide for .180" clearance to retainer over .440" valve lift.
Use ARP #134-7101 rocker studs and Crane Koolnuts #99768-16 for adjustable valve train w/stock rockers & balls.
Stock rockers & balls are really only compatible w/ aftermarket hydraulic cams up to 6000 rpm.
Stock pistons work to 5000 maximum rpm, after that they develop cracked skirts.
Stock lifters pop their clips out over 5000 rpm & they end up in the oil pump doing very bad things to inside of the oil pump.
Stock pushrods will not work with guideplates. Suggest Comp Cams pushrods #7812 (avail Summit or Jegs).
Cloyes True-roller timing chain was used on all Police packages (Summit or Jegs has good price).
Rollmaster billet timing chain w/ needle bearing thrust washer available from Jim McKee at 727)343-1445.
5/16" or 3/8" Pushrod guideplates avail. Jim McKee
Posi-traction clutches available from Kennedy American. Two piece bolt together posi unit is stock.
Detroit Locker, True-trac, and Auburn are availablr fot Model 20 rear.
Use synthetic gearbox lube in all AMC T-10 4-speeds Use standard positraction rear end lube in rear axle housing.
Hays Street/Strip 10 1/2" dia pressure plate #40-111 & #33-610 disc greatly improves shifting.
These parts are good to 500 HP and 7000 rpm. (modify throwout bearing collar .200" and extend lower clutch rod)
CVR, Powermaster, McCloud, Tilton & Mallory make high torque starters for AMC V-8s. Listed in ascending price order.
Please remember the small nylon button in the bottom of the stock oil pickup,
without it the pickup sucks to the bottom of the oil pan starving the engine for oil.
Hooker Super Competition 1 3/4" tube headers #7105 fit w/ Powermaster Ultra Torque starter.
Hooker Competition headers install with the engine still in the car.
Part numbers are from the AMC 68-72 parts book. I have no way of knowing if any part numbers were superceded or not,
unless I just happen to stumble across them.
Accordingly, please use all part numbers for reference only.

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Sc/Rambler Pass side Visor info

Been chatting with Mark and he has found an interesting item posibly overlooked on the cars sun visor ...take a look at these pictures !


Mark visor

Mark visor

Mark visor

Mark visor mirror

Mark visor mirror

Mark visor mirror

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sc/Rambler cigarette lighter inquiry

Hey all ,
This has gotten interesting . It appears that there are three accepted dash knob and lighter
knob schemes . One chrome similar to this.... black as further below and none(the hole covered ?)


And black , this was in my Wisconsin B sheme sc .

Bob  SC interior (dash)


Bob  SC interior (dash)




Have been asked about what the correct factory oem 1969 cig. lighter was ...
Please help out as a guy is currently restoring his car and wants it as factory correct as possible ...

Quote from Jim McKee:
Hi Bob,
The cigarette lighter knob in my original high serial number SC/Rambler looks like the pictures and it matches the rest of the dash knobs ( lights and windshield wipers ) which are also black.

The cigarette lighter knob in my original 68 AMX is chrome to match the chrome radio knobs.
Regards, Jim

Bill Strobel reports that his are chrome on his SC/R

Mike Lewis quote here :
Some of the SC/RAMBLERS had Cig. lighters due to errors on the assembley line and the others had them installed by the dealers (dealer offered option). I've had SC/RAMBLERS w/o lighters. I would bet that the chrome lighters were the dealer installed. Later, Mike

Thanks for this guys , I know alot of the parts on the B scheme I refer to are the real items .
And its great to be able to be assured the info and pictures that goes into "our" blog is legit ...

Friday, May 8, 2009

1969 American body car Hood emblem oem and an nos partial one

I was removing the oem ones paint adhesive to get it ready for casting ...





oem one :


NOS close up:


Hope this keeps it real !!

SC/R Hurst emblems

Rear here :should be one piece


Side here:


I noticed the detail of the double sided tape placement . It very unlikely IMO
that these were off the car be for I removed them a few days ago ...

Original seat side trim

Here they are:









Here are pictures of the Dome lense :




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Sc/Rrambler / AMC Minutia spark plug wires

A short description of the correct coded 1969 plug wires:courtesy of Bill Strobel
So if you do not see the AM script be carefull and buy what you really want ...

AMC Plug wires 1Q69 would of had the AM script logo as part of the date coding label.
Bill Strobel

Another really great write up from Bill in reply to a request on more info:

All AMC wires had 1967 - late 70s early 80s were black Delco Packard wire just like the GM stuff.
It was labeled just like the GM ones Delco Packard with a date code 1Q69 which would translate to 1st Quarter 1969, 2Q76 would be 2nd Quarter 1976, etc.

The only difference between the GM sets and the AMC sets is that AMC included a logo on the wire in addition to the Delco Packard and the date code. Between 1967-1969 this was the AM logo and starting sometime in 1970 it was switched to the Triangle logo.

In the 90s someone started reproducing the date coded GM Delco Packard cable sets. In order to keep costs down they only did 2 print wheels per year, 1Q & 3Qs.

Each year and each quarter in the year would take it own print wheel thus one print wheel was needed that said Delco Packard 1Q69. The print wheels were expensive not to mention printing up sufficient cable to then cut into sets. It was not a cheap undertaking by any means. In order to amortize the expense someone noted that AMC used the same cable with the same printing minus the logo.

Sets were then done up to fit the V-8 engine and were sold as Reproduction. They are close and better than nothing but are not 100%.

I have a set of the reproductions 1Q69 and have several sets of AMC wires with both old and new logos
Problem is none are date coded 100% correct for what I need.
Example for my 1976 Matador I have dates codes of 1973, 1974, 1977 1978. For my Hornet I have some 1971. For the SC/R I have an old logo set but not sure the date code. Bill Strobel

Q: So what date code would be best to get 3-Q-68 or 1-Q-69 ??
A:I'd go 1Q69.
I am sure some SC/Rs were built with 3Q68 but the 1Q69 would cover the bulk of the SC/R build even those built in the 2d quarter. Bill

Note: Would like to put up a photo on an original set (as they left Kenosha in 1969)
If you know of or have a set please post them or email ....
T.I.A. Bob