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Hi everyone ,
here are both hood scoops finally available:

Here is a link to photobucket with many photo's of the scoops :


Please see here never offered before a carbon copy of the rare 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler's hoop scoop.
There were two versions of this scoop from the factory. Never was there a accurate recreated one made till now.

There has only been available and in limited numbers the very large scoop called "letter box" version. This scoop recreated was full of pinholes and does not have the correct rolled lip around the opening where the air was introduced. It takes many additional hours to even have the part to paint and then it's incorrect.

Owning one of these rare Hurst Ramblers I took it on myself to make a correct dead on recreation of the original. A good member of the Hurst Rambler community Vince Scamardo sent me his untouched unrestored hood scoop from his Scrambler. This is the "oval opening" and slightly smaller at the air intake. I made a direct mold from his scoop then repaired his cracked damaged scoop. The molds have the factory cracks and damage and shows where they were weak.

After pulling these new scoops from the molds I then reinforced the weak areas so this does not happen in the future. The new scoops can not be told apart from the factory made scoop. Inside the texture of the fiberglass mat was matched. The new scoops weigh maybe a pound more due to the increased structure protection.

The factory made ones were hand laid and hand made and everyone was a little different from one another. These new scoops are made the same way in the same fashion. I have drilled out the holes for mounting but past experience has proven the holes were not always in the same location on the cars.

These scoops I make are prepared throughout with Dupont products with epoxy primer, sealer and then painted 4 coats of the correct Bright White in Dupont. Be it a clone or a restored original SC/Rambler, I have learned than they come out different colors of white from the body shops. To match your car, I suggest wet sanding and shooting them to match your car. The good news is, They are already proofed and perfect for installment.

The photos shown are for one scoop in this auction. The other photos showing (3) is of additional scoops made and the factory real deal with them. Can you pick out the factory scoop? I couldn't till I marked it with tape.

These AMC cars are demanding big money now as the owners restore them to record levels and invest in them. These Hurst scoops will follow this fashion.
100% money back if not everything or more than you expect. Each one takes about 10 hours to being painted so the numbers will be limited as I have time.

Shipping in the USA is a flat $20.00 and shipped in new materials and sent US Priority mail to arrive in perfect order.

Here is a note from Vince Scamardo:

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From: Vince Scamardo
To: Steven Stull

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Subject: RE: Your hood scoops

I removed them from the box and was amazed at the quality and workmanship of the reproduction. I then examined the old scoop and thought I could not tell the difference. You can't visually see the difference unless you know what to look for.

I then examined the inside of the old scoop and realized the extra layer of glass to reinforce the old scoop made it slightly thicker than the reproduction. I then examined the scoops side by side and you really can't tell the difference visually.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the final product. You are right, even the most trained eye won't be able to tell the difference. It looks like you have a winner. They are fantastic.

I have been into Scramblers for many years and I could not distinguish without a closer examination of them both to tell the difference. I cannot wait to put the reproduction on my car and show it off. I really appreciate all the effort you put into making the reproductions a success.

Please feel free to use me as a reference or anything I have said or commented on a s a testimonial for the reproductions.Again I am more than pleased to have an "SWS" Scoop for my Car.
Keep in touch, Vince

Pictures coming
Thanks for submitting your product(s)

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Sc/Rambler Hood Pin /lanyard Set up minutia

lot of work to sort out tons of great info here , will get crackin !!
here is a resent request , more info on this coming.......