Wednesday, June 4, 2008

H L Shahan AMC Talk Part One

Note : I have H.L.'s contact info and can easily reach him . So if there are any questions that he can answer , it will be no problem to ask ..

Will contact H L again , my phone made it difficult to have a good conversation .
This is what we talked about today . First I just want to mention the gratitude to H L
for the talk ...Very nice guy !

If you not familiar with H L , He was the guy that makes the cars go fast . Worked on the Hurst Hairy Olds , All 50 SS AMX . seven promo sc/rambler's . 15 promo Machines . plus a lot more.
His wife at the time was Shirley Shahan (Drag On Lady) .

This is coming from H L and is very interesting .

He worked for AMC on the Sc/Rambler .believe as a sub-contractor Said he had seven sc's delivered to him to prepare for the Orange County event . The Seven sc's had valve jobs (no porting) and better clutches installed ...this was the extent of the work done at this time .

At Orange County Speed way , the Dealers were given the opportunity to drag race the cars .
These are just regular guys , not drag racers . They did 14 sec et's at 101 MPH .
There was a big to do at this event , over 200 press people were there !

H L was given one of the seven cars to keep for himself . He put a cam in the car and
got the car to go 108 MPH in the quarter mile ...

Some believe H L's Sc/Rambler was the first car , its possible , but he has no idea .
Asked about the steering wheel center and the reply was : I don't pay attention to stuff like that .
Just make things go fast !

Later , he had the car painted blue and gave it to his daughter . She did not like the box look
of the car . It was sold . The guy blew the engine and had offered the car to H L again .
Too bad he turned it down . It's price has risen a lot since the past few years ...

This is as far as we went with the car chat , but will keep in touch . As questions come
up it will be great to have the help Of H. L.....

NOTE : WE do know who owns H L's Car . The owner wants to remain anonymous .

Interview by Bob Rascoe

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