Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The 2012 AMO National Show Andover , MA

The 2012 AMO National Show
is in the Boston area at the
Wyndham Hotel in Andover, MA
July 11th - 14th

Here is a linc http://www.ctamo.com/AMO2012/Home.html

Hey all ,
An interesting idea has come up , How would it be to have a group meeting of us Sc/Rambler fans ?
Say we could meet on the swap meet field on Friday . Have a mini seminar , toss around ideas , wish lists and things in general about these cars ...
Any thoughts on this are welcome
I'd like to see a restoration guideline , judging guidline .

Monday, June 18, 2012


Here are some detail photo's of the wiper blades that were Factory OEM On the Sc/Rambler and other cars. These NOS pictures are provide by Kevin Shope

We had a question on the length of these , here is a reply from Kevin Shope :

Interesting that you should ask, as I left out an interesting twist for those trying to save a dime.

Factory stock is 16" length.  The wiper vendor actually showed me and offered me a pair of 15" length units that are identical in every other way than blade length for $40 - NOS Trico.  The 15" are not as sought after/scarce as the 16" on AMC / Mustangs for those years, so better pricing.

So if you want the look, but really need to keep the cost down, the 15" can be an alternative - just know that 16" is factory.



Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sc/Rambler Bumper Jack Details INQ ???

Hi all ,
Here is a note from Jim McKee . We're trying to come to an agreement about the bumper jack detail .
Any one can pitch in here !

Hi Bob,  I have been emailing back and forth with Mike Lewis about his 
posted pictures on the SC/Rambler blog about the jack in the trunk.  I 
am not ready to positively say the pictures showing the jack body grey 
are correct or incorrect yet, because there are some questions to be 
answered.  Mike's initial comments in support of his pictures were 6-
cylinder jack bodies were blue and 8-cylinder ones were grey.  My 1966 
- 1972 AMC Parts Book lists only one jack in 14.138-1 for all 1969 
Americans (01) as PN 318 6391.  This jack was also listed as the part 
number for earlier Americans as 67-68  01 (V-8).  No separate listing 
as 67-68  01 (6) appears for a 6-cylinder jack, however.  I asked Bob 
Hodson what color the jack body on his SC/Rambler was.  He restored 
his to the Alamosa Aqua color as this was close to the color his jack 
was initially.  Mike and I have compared the rivet in the jack body 
and they all seem to have 9B, 9C, or 9G on the head.  My wild guess is 
it may be a supplier code for the rivet??  My unrestored "B" scheme SC/
Rambler jack has a grey body.  My restored 1969 Rogue jack has a blue 
body and bumper piece.  There doesn't seem to be any part numbers on 
the jack bodies or the vertical part with the teeth in it.  Once again 
AMC has set us up for these problems by not keeping any records on how 
these cars were build.  Are the jacks from two vendors?  Could one 
vendor have supplied almost 100,000 jacks a year for the Americans 
built in 1967, 68, and 69?  This may just be one more of the mysteries 
of SC/Ramblers.

I have emailed Mark Fletcher and Bill Strobel about their SC/Rambler's 
jack color.    Regards,  Jim   PS:   Gordy was at Hershey and couldn't 
look at his original SC/Rambler.  I don' have Joe Roberts or Bill 
Smith's email address to query some more original SC/Rambler owners.  
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi all ,
Kevin Shope took the time to add these photo's of an NOS jack he has ...

Quote from Kevin :
I am including full sized photos (sorry about file size) of the NOS jack kit.  Factory paint on these things were very poor.  Even the packaging has worn through this thin crappy job on the NOS unit.  As you can see by the box - it is vintage late 60's.  Decide for yourselves if this is what came in your car from factory.  I pulled this out of the box and unwrapped - this is as good as unmolested gets.  I plan to use it warts and all in the trunk of my car when done.

The gray is kind of satin finish - like a shiny primer gray...

Hope this helps the discussion.

Kevin Shope

Nos amc jack Nos amc jack Nos amc jack Nos amc jack Nos amc jack

Tally Jim has come up with below , All who responded we appreciate that big time . Here is a note from Jim McKee :

Hi Bob,  The totals in the jack body color discovery at this end are now jack bodies 5 grey and 4 blue.  The color of the piece that cradles the bumper is 7 blue and 2 grey.  The jack foot is 9 black and the 1969 ones are stamped U69.  

I think, as I did before, there was probably at least two vendors suppling the 98,000 jacks required for American production in 1969.  This leads me to believe you can paint your jack body grey or blue, the bumper cradle leans strongly towards blue, and the foot is black.  I don't think there can be a definitive statement on the jack body color.  Thanks to you Bob, for all your help and also for those that responded to the great jack body question of 2012.