Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sc/Rambler Sources Of Imfo(credits)

Anyone that provides Information and would like to be credited for contributing will be listed here .
Note: May find sources of parts also:

Jim McKee Engine builder , Sc/Rambler judge , Very good source of imfo ..
Here is Jim McKee's contact imfo . Jim is one of the best sources of imfo and always
freely passes excellent imfo . That I trust with out a doubt ..
Enjoy !
Bob Rascoe

Hi Bob, I have no problem posting my phone number or e-mail address. 727) 343-1445 and I am taking a few new customers, but there is a big rush that will start shortly for bracket engines for next season and they take priority here. Street engines around this time can easily get pushed back by the race guys. Regards, Jim

Dave Landrith (Former President Of Hurst IND. Detroit)

H L Shahan ( "The" Guy that made the cars go fast down the track)

Fred Philips (Owner of a 5,000 mile Sc/R , 1969 Baja 4WD , SC/R Dealer Promo kit , AMX II
and many other collectable's ..

Eddie Stakes Houston TX

Joe Roberts , NY


Mike Lewis Nashville , TN

Andre " A.J." Jacobs, web page Owner & Proprietor, South Texas AMC

Jim McKee (Fastrogue )

Bill Strobel : aka the amc guy Fayetteville, NCSC/Rambler Owner Since 19861967 Rambler Rebel1972 Hornet Sportabout1976 Matador Brougham NAMDRA Member AMCRC Member AMO Member

How about You ??? Same pieces are on regular AMC cars in most cases . Shared parts w/ several other models and years . All input thats valid is welcome ...

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