Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi Bob, At the last Kenosha Historical show, I bought two NOS fuse
panels that looked like they were SC/Rambler fuse panels. There is no
part number on the fuse panels, it is only on the box or bag they come
in. In checking in the AMC parts book, they are listed as 67/68 fuse
panels part number 318 6900. The correct part number for a 69 only
fuse panel is 319 4650. The position of the plugs and the wire colors
that hook up to those plugs are identical between the two. The
difference is two nine amp fuses have been changed to fourteen amp
fuses in 1969. The fuse size embossed on just those two fuse
locations are now 14A. This opens up the number of useable fuse
panels, because it is possible to use any fuse panel from any AMC
vehicle in 67, 68, or 69. You just won't have the correct marking
under two of the fuses on 67/68. Regards, JIm

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