Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sc/Rambler Jack Mintuia

Hi Bob, 

Quite by accident, I now have verification there were at 
least two vendors supplying jacks for 1967 to 1969 Americans.  The 
difference between the two jacks I have discovered is the flip tab 
that changes the jack from going up to down.  One tab is almost flat 
and the other one has a small half a teardrop piece at 90 * to the 
tab.  The picture of Kevin Shope's jack on the blog has the small 90* 
tab.  At this time I don't how I might confirm it, but I think the 
jacks with the 90* small piece were the ones painted  grey and the 
flat tab ones were blue.  Not exactly earth shattering, but more 
strange stuff about SC/Ramblers.

Jim McKee provided this tidbit

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