Monday, June 18, 2012


Here are some detail photo's of the wiper blades that were Factory OEM On the Sc/Rambler and other cars. These NOS pictures are provide by Kevin Shope

We had a question on the length of these , here is a reply from Kevin Shope :

Interesting that you should ask, as I left out an interesting twist for those trying to save a dime.

Factory stock is 16" length.  The wiper vendor actually showed me and offered me a pair of 15" length units that are identical in every other way than blade length for $40 - NOS Trico.  The 15" are not as sought after/scarce as the 16" on AMC / Mustangs for those years, so better pricing.

So if you want the look, but really need to keep the cost down, the 15" can be an alternative - just know that 16" is factory.



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What's the size?