Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Discovery Sc/Rambler Tailight housing Detail (MINUTIA)

This is an excerpt from an e-mail I recieved from Jim McKee:

I am restoring the taillight housings on my high serial number original SC/
Ramber. One is chromate coated all over and the other one is chrome
that has been blasted where the black was painted on. This is the
first time the taillight housings have been out of the body. Perhaps
they were running out of the chromate housings and just substituted a
chrome one. I have no other reason for this anomolie. Regards, Jim

I saw the zinc Chromated tailight housings on one I my Sc's . It the goldish tint like a carburator body would have . I believe the intent was for all the Sc/Rambler's to have the non chromed housing to assist in painting the black .
BUT , Jim found where they must of run out of the run the correct intended part and substituted ...How you use this imformation is up to you !

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