Monday, March 2, 2009

Sc/Rambler Throttle cable Minuitia/Concourse info

This is a current e-bay auction , that has details of the throttle cable .
From what I've been hearing this is a one year item only installed in the OEM factory 1969 SC/Rambler .

As seen in the car craft 1969 issue . They did a mock up of a cable that appears to not have fit well . Notice the return spring ...What is that ?? Obviously was not safe .
So a special cable was put in the car ...

here is the cable courtesy of Mike Lewis .(Anyone that has more to add , please do)

Car Craft picture . This car is believed the earliest "registered" car yet known .
Possibly the the car H.L. Shahan was given for his work he did for Hurst and AMC ..



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