Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Interesting SC/R production Date info.


Hopefully of interest to the "A" vs "B" debate - I offer the following info. I have two (2) SC/R's - one (1) - "B" and one (1) "A". The "A" car info is for the most part straight forward - VIN - 269105 - Body Tag - E086308 (4/4/69 - 4/12/69). The "B" car VIN is 305395 - or very close to the last car in your data base - Bill. More interesting - is the Body Tag build info - E111152 (6/6/69 - 6/14/69). While the "A" car is a one owner - never restored car I purchased from the original owner (I even have the original insurance binder info) - the "B" car had at least two other owners. During the body redo on the "B" car there was no evidence of it being originally an "A" scheme. It was represented to me at the time of purchase as an original "B" scheme car. Anyway - this info seems to confirm SC/R production in June of 69. If the "B" is correct - it also demonstrates - "B" production late in the run. I am very interested in seeing if there are any Body Tags latter than mine. Thanks - John J.

theamcguy said...

Looking over all of my VIN data it appears that SC/R production ended somewhere between 6-15 June 1969.
Interesting is that B schemes seem to sprinkled throughout the run and there were several built between 6-14 June.
Also I stick by my observation that B schemes comprised only 20% of the SC/Rambler production (around 300 cars) and not the 33% that is generally thought.
My VIN list is as random a sample as possible and it shows only 20% B schemes.

Bob said:
Hey guys ,
I'll put this info in another post with similar data . after it has been up awhile ...
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