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Sc/R Engine Cooling Fan Info Wanted

After this detail has been gone over it will be added to Concourse And Minutia areas ..
Have a guy currently restoring his car , so this info is wanted as soon as possible .

Q: I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the original fan and what the part number is. I just spoke with Jim Mckee and he claims the fan had 3 rivets but I see Gordy's picture with 4. Were there two fans? Ours has 4 so I am wondering if this was a replacement part.

We are having a heck of time getting the fan shroud to fit properly so I was wondering if there are any pictures of an original car taken from the back of the engine compartment so we can see if there is something we are missing.(end of quote)

Any photo's and description on this will help very much. Also note that I trust Jim's and Gordy's info as excellent . And we will run this "up the flag pole for completeness "


AMC parts book show 319-5201 use 3197749 to be the correct part numbers for a 69 7 bladed flex fan.
Andre " A.J." Jacobs,
web page http://southtexasamc.tripod.com/
(830)-980-3165 ,
mhtml:%7B3B0BF672-CD36-49D1-A5D6-193B12A94052%7Dmid://00000023/!x-usc:mailto:akjamc@juno.com Owner & Proprietor, South Texas AMC

Here just in is more info from Mark:

quote:Hi Bob,
I saw the post on your blog about a gentlemen looking for a picture of the fan and what the part number is. Attached is a picture I had taken of mine which I am quite sure is original. You can zoom in on the part number which can be seen on two of the blades (the pic has enough resolution to see the stamped number). The part number on the fan is ‘3195201’ It has four rivets.
Feel free to post this picture on your blog.

Thanks and hope this helps,

Another note from Mark:
Hi Bob,
I’ll have to check next time I am at my building where my car is. I just started looking at my pictures last night and had one of the fan from the backside…so I figured I would send it. You may be on to something about more than one fan being on the cars. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. My car is the ninth one on the survivor list so if there is more than one fan we could possibly link them to production – if that has anything to do with it…but probably not. They probably used what ever was available as the cars rolled off the line.

Is your fan (3197749) a four rivet unit? Also, there should be a date code on it somewhere. I’ll have to look at mine close for the date code. This should help determine what could have come on the SC’s.

Mark Wanchisen

Here is Marks photo , his car is quite early , and I hope to get more info on the cars history .
As this helps very much to unravel the cars story...

Underhood photo courtesy Of Mark Wanchisen




Jim McKee writes:
Hi Bob.
The AMC 68 to 72 parts book lists 319 5201 as the correct SC/Rambler fan which is American V-8 Heavy Duty cooling. All SC/Ramblers have heavy duty cooling. Many of these fans have no part number on them.
These fans have 3 rivets and the blades are 5 7/8" long. This information is from note 2-17 for the 319 5201 fan. My original high serial number SC/Rambler has this fan. I do not know what the superceded fan number 319-7749 looks like.
Jim McKee

Jim here is the 319-7749 fan . I'll try to photo the numbers later



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