Friday, January 23, 2009

SC/Rambler A Scheme Paint details

Hey everybody ,

NOTE: Have been hearing some cars have A and B scheme colors on them . My B has no red on the sides (This car has the most original parts).

But one at least of my believed to be A scheme cars has Red along the side . Plus B sheme evidence .

I'd just about bet some of these cars came through the line with both scheme colors .
And when it was paint "White" day they went off these sheets and painted white over the appropiate color.

Some of the guys are seeing old build sheets cut in have with designation to build a Sc/Rambler . With Sheme info etc .. The cars Build sheet is attached also

These sheets are under the carpet rear passenger side . Screwed into a carpet screw by the drive shaft hump .

I have found no build sheets on any od my cars .
more Info ???

I want to add this to minutia and concourse plus our ongoing serial number
sequence theory . This should show us an order of the builds on the AMC line .
We know this was all done in Kenosha ...What building ?
All we can do on that is use automotive archeology . Talk to people that were there .

Here are pictures I belive to be an unrestored A scheme . Original paint ...Its obvoulsly unrestored ...

First of all , my take on what is shown here is that the cars had red painted on the side of the A scheme cars . They let the red "over spray" this overspray is thin as anything .
As it was sanded I had to be carefull I did not get to primer because the red was thin in these overspray areas ..
Remember these details were brought to my attentiom from several sources . I'm
doing this to learn and put in one place all that can be discovered . Credit for the findings go to every one that put time in and contributes ...
There is a credits area on the blog ....

Here is the trunk lid , note the blue has faded off the decal .
These were black vinyl silk screened blue . they left a pin stripe or was the pinstripe done by hand ?? No red over spray ...

This is the front radiator support (NO sign of red)

This in below the pass. side windshield , top of the cowel .. I see red here

This is showing the red "over spray" on the top of the pass. side qtr panel . shows no overspray
by the panel under the rear window adjacent to the qtr panel.

This shows the red going up the belt line . Its near the stainless strip all the rogues and Sc's have . I see faint red above the stainles part ...

This by the rear side window , the top lip of thw qtr panel (red it is)

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