Thursday, January 15, 2009

AMC Friendly Vendor List

Will put up Vendors that help make it easier to restore our cars .
Any Vendors or manufactures that you know of can go here ... Makes a lot of parts , and can take a sample part that you need .
And might make it for the rest of the AMC crowd ..

Gordy Chilson PROAMC SC/RAMBLER PARTS IN PA 412 606 9998 GORDY .
Gordy has a lot of stuff and puts a ton of time in to help the hobby .

Amark AMC Parts

(904) 962-4931 Cell (This is the best number to reach me at.)
(904) 777-1675
(904) 777-1674 For Fax Orders
Send Payment To:
Mark Shuford
6501 Firestone Road
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Comments on Vendors:
theamcguy said...
I have had good dealings with all 3 vendors. They all provide quality parts and prompt shipping. Highly recommended.

Any more Vendors you have good dealings with , let me know and will post ASAP
Also Vendor's reading , feel free to send your store info . Free ...
Note:Am looking for any and all info to post and or research ...


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