Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sc/Rambler OEM Floor Mat carpet and trunk mat details

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Would like to know what the original floor mats were , please send photo's and description if you can. Updated to include all the carpet and trunk mat info ...
Availability would be good to know also .
This question is awaiting an answer by an owner doing a restoration in progress ...

Thanks as always

Answer provided by Bill Strobel , here :

Floor mats or carpet, I will answer both.

Carpet, Cut pile, sewn (not molded) serge binding on the exposed edges. There have been some reports of original SC/Rs with loop carpet. Most notably Dan Curtis. All of the original cars I have seen have had the cut pile carpeting.

Floor mats.
The correct period rubber floor mats front and rear would be the individual front and rear (set of 4) that have a stylized car where the logo would go.
The early AMC ones had the R symbol and the 1970 and up had the AMARK symbol. But in the late 60s AMC produced mats with a stylized car where the logo usually goes. These are the only series of mats that can be found in the charcoal color. Bill

Trunk Mat : A series of e-mails from Bill here ...

There is one more floor mat used in the SC/R and that is the trunk mat.
Not ONE of the available reproductions is correct. The available reproductions are close to the color of the original material (aqua gray and black) but while the reproduction material is smooth the original material has a raised grain to it and is made of rubber. Bill

all of the late 60s AMC products used the same material. 1967-69 for sure maybe earlier and maybe into the early 70s.

The original material was not very durable. The NOS one I bought years ago is shelf worn from being folded in a box. Most of the ones in the cars just broke up and fell apart. I am sure it was just easier to screen print some felt backed vinyl that resembled the original stuff and at the time everyone just wanted something and that was close enough. The correct material would be expensive to reproduce. Bill

Will put where these might be found ....


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