Wednesday, June 3, 2009

IMPORTANT Exhaust minutia details for Sc/R WANTED

Hey All :

A question has been asked about the factory OEM exhaust system .

Q: Was the right hand(pass) hanger that goes from the spring perch to hold the rear tail pipe
at the front . The same hanger used on the left drivers side of the car ?. Just reversed ???
This would cause the right tailpipe welded on bracket to be moved slightly ...

(Will look at my cars as soon as I can , but feed back would be great also)

Q: What was factory OEM for the nuts , washers etc . that hold the head pipe to the exhaust manifold . contains the donut also ...??

Q:Has there been any middle of run changes to the exhaust that you know of ??

Thanks I. A
Will look at my stuff here like I said also....

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