Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Here is a detail on the hush thrush mufflers you can buy at Jegs etc etc ...

Here are pictures and a word on these is they are two inches shorter than the real deal ones that

are on the Sc/Rambler and a few other cars from the factory ...

Not sure , but the original hush thrush could of been dealer installed in some states . As the tomato can shape glass packs were too loud for those states sound ordinances ??

Thanks a lot big brother !

The decal is also not factory from the 60's . The originals were painted and much more real-estate on the body of the muffler ...Will put up the correct ones to compare ...

Here are the new style ones :

Hush thrush classic 2" short

Hush thrush classic 2" short

Old style correct Hush Thrush coming along with the correct Tomato can one's .
you decide what you need .


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