Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hurst Rambler Scrambler Photo/Essays(restoration)

Hey everyone . Would like to get pictures and a few words for restoration help .
Eventually this could become an e-book , that will put restoration steps in order that saves time .
Plus gets the job done efficiently and the right way ..

carpet install .Here are pictures from a few of my cars . Some of a gutted SC shows the cowl pad . The other appears to be oringinal B scheme .I see the carpet has the plastic push holder . But it looks short ??I copied a few of the guys that can verify this stuff
Update : These photo's are the "real deal" , confirmed by more than one source.

Heres the original appearing carpet shots B scheme car
These are from a gutted SC/R . Also appears factory :I can try to take better shots of the drivers side , the car is sardined pretty tight at the moment ...

Paint Detail : A Scheme

SC/RAMBLER : ''A'' RED PANEL - (SEE ATTACHMENTS) These two points seem
to be the only places that the red
panel of the ''A'' paint scheme is
''free-hand''. The other parts of the
panel follow body lines.

Have heard of a mask used ??

Templates available ??

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