Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sc/R NOS VS restored or repro parts scrutinized

Will make as big a list of parts to add to your shopping list , yay or nay .
There are some exceptional repro parts . The restoration process will be a lot easier with
the help from everyone that comes up with these parts ..much easier to find than just a few years ago and more are in the works ......

Seat Side cover plates(Chrome plastic)
Has anyone bought these seat sidecover plates ?? e-bay item 140231876708 .
Would like to know the quality . They denied to sell or loan a sample to the blog for review...

Hood Pins :
repop are available , will post phto soon

SC/RAMBLER : ONE NUT EXHAUST CLAMPS - Reproductions are being done by Mike Semeraro - AMXMGS RESTO PARTS 860 483 0043 msem@optonline(dot)net - He has an sc/rambler.

Side view mirrors available now : These are so nice you can take oem mirrors apart and swap
any piece with these !! Only thing is the mirror glass does not have the letters for concourse .
Which can be switched ...
Also need painting , with your choice paint ....

Radio delete plates . Undetectable from original .

Side Markers red and yellowish . b e a u tifull , correct markings etc

Brake / Tail lamp lenses : again look like the real thing

Fuel filters (screw in to the afb carb) Sweet !

Decals / kits , opinions?? I know they are available from a few sources ...

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