Friday, April 25, 2008

Sc/R Rusty ? We can help

list of trouble areas , causes and cures .

From what I notice so far , is that there are some definite rust areas to look at and prevent .
Every make has its spots to look for deterioration .
I'll kick this off and looking for input :

From what I can tell on my cars that are rustiest . The engine compartment , trunk and rear quarters and rear Floor pans can take a lot of abuse . And still hold up .

Rust areas that are most common IMO would be the:
drivers side front floor pan (either from salt states or the windsheild leaking .
, then the drivers rocker panels . The hood at the front underside about four inches in .
The tail pan is suseptable to rust ..

So how to deal with this? What panels are available to R&R the rust ?

hole was never sealed. This opening is at the
joint of the trunk pan, wheel tub, and the
quarter panel. It seems like an effort was
made to seal this but was seldom successful.
This area is directly subjected to the most corrosive combinations known
(after battery
acid). The tire's seem to direct water and road
dust at the percise angle needed to do
the most damage. The drain holes, at the bottom
of the quarter panels, are small and often clogged by body sealer used in
the trunk to try and stop
the rust problem.

RUST !! IN FRONT OF THE REAR WHEELS AND DIRECTLY UNDER THE REAR QUARTER WINDOW (mid way door and wheel). This small spot is due to the window cranksupport. The support runs directly behind the quarter sheet metal and very little rust proofing could be applied. Water runs down the window and into this area.

Stay tuned ..

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