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Mark Wanchisen's Sc/Rambler

Hello guys/gals '
This is some history on Marks low miles Sc/Rambler from an e-mail.
Photo's too at the bottom....
This is great to learn from , appreciate this Mark .

Hi Bob,
I bought my car off Nandor Darvis – the car is still in his name on the 1512 registry – see the ninth car listed (currently).
He owned the car since May of 1969. He remembered seeing the car on the dealership floor when it was new. He told me what was done to the car since when it was new.

There are several items that were changed such as he bought brand new ‘70 heads from AMC (He gave me the original ’69 heads that came on the car in the ’70 AMC boxes (with IBM punch cards attached) that the ’70 heads came in when he bought them. He also bought brand new (at that time) high flow AMC cast iron exhaust manifolds (they too are still on the car and they are for a four speed as they have the smog holes (plugged).

He also put on an Edlebrock Torker intake. It has a Holley 750 and open cleaner element on the car now. He also added an Accel coil and bypassed the vacuum advance on the distributor. He indicated that the motor, the transmission, the rear end, the radiator, etc has never been out of the car. I asked him about the clutch and he said ‘original’.

The car has 39K original miles on it .
The brakes were shot when I bought it. I have just finished with a complete brake job front to rear including rotors, lines, hoses, emergency brake cables (I need to finish hooking the cables up), rebuilding the original calipers, master cylinder, brake booster, etc.

I should change out the gas line and will be doing that next (converting it to stainless steel). I put in silicon brake fluid. The car runs fine and the clutch works perfect. He ran it at a track in Ohio to get the ¼ time, but never beat on the car after that.

Anyway, I just about flipped when he told me the radiator was original and was never out of the car - ever. He was very anal with the car. He said that he changed radiator fluid twice per year (once in the spring and once in the fall) with no misses. That is probably what saved the radiator.

The top hose is original, but the bottom has been changed from what I can tell. I do not believe the fan has ever been off the car, but then again, it may have as I would think the water pump would have been changed at this point. I have not decoded the date code on the pump yet (I will do this when and if I replace it).

The interior is all original including the carpet and both the interior and carpet are mint. The only problem is that he put in speaker holes into the door panels. The door panels are mint other than the holes (it’s a shame he did this). The car has a hang-under dash mounted 8-track player and hang-under gauge pod for oil pressure and amperes.

The car was re-sprayed white (the incorrect shade of white I might add). Its needs a good restoration to be mint again, but I probably will drive it the way it is for now. It’s a very early car. The VIN is A9M097X******. I calculate/estimate the car was built in early February.

Attached are some pictures of the fan that I just took today. The fan has a “68L” date code (see pics). I believe this would decode as November of ’68 (L is the 12th letter in the alphabet, but I do not believe ‘I’ was used (to eliminate confusion with the number one (1) ). Therefore “L” would be November. I think it makes sense that the fan would be a few months earlier than the production date of the car.

I also threw in a couple pics of the car and a picture of Nandor standing in front of the Scrambler. He is a total gentleman and pleasure to talk to.

I hope to one day completely restore the car. My car was (and still is) missing some pieces. Nandor moved a bunch of times (all within the Toledo area) during the time he owned the car. During the moves, he misplaced some of the original items such as the carb, the air cleaner and the smog stuff. I am sure there are a few things that I don’t remember right off.

Hope the pics of the fan part number and date code help us to document these cars better.

I would also enjoy hearing the story on your car. Also, a few pics and a description would be fun to see too!






I'll use the photo's of the fan provided in the post on what was factory original , for who
is interested ...

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