Monday, September 29, 2008

New Reproduction Parts/Services

Note : The blog has an area for parts requests .

Post started by Bill :
There are some new reproductions for the SC/R out there. First off AMARK Reproductions has the 1969 35 amp Motorola Alternator Tag with screws for $12.00

Next AMXMGS has the correct one nut exhaust system clamps for $15.00 each. You need six 2" clamps in order to do the car right.

Both of these reproductions are items that we the hobby have asked for, for years and they are now available no waiting. I have purchased both of these items and both came within a few days of my ordering. Both vendors except credit cards. Now if could only find a set of inner fender shields and the correct staples ;-)

Re Bill ,
Can the staples be bent up from a roll of wire stock ??
I can look , but I bought rubber sheet from a company . it was not a large piece
.So It can be bought in small qty ...

amark does have the side marker lenses , rear taillight lens . I think all the decals
but the glove box tire pressure decal .And that is coming ...
The radio delete plate is perfect , ready to install ...Even has the AMC numbers on the back ...
Mark was going to do the seat side plastic chrome last I heard . And possibly the rear
sail panel dome lenses . I think he needs an nos one ....

The battery's posts are not as original . And that not going to change ...

Re Bob
The staples could be made. From what I have heard they were copper not steel. I also got one of the SC/R radio delete plates from AMARK. I have one question on the repro side marker lenses from AMARK. Do they have the correct D.O.T. markings? Anyone know? Thanks, Bill

NOTE : Bill ,
I looked at an original taillight lense from AMARK . It is totaly identicle .
Also looked at the side marker lenses . They have the same numbers etc .
As I did not have a lense off the car ,but on Amarks there are some tiny numbers and such on the front lip that is covered when the bezel is installed ..

I am being very thorough and any info that is not correct on the blog .
I'll edit it . To make it right ...

Hi Bill ,
I have pictures of the AMARK parts on the blog . As far as I could tell , these parts are as good as it can possibly be ...more opinions would be great as I'm
basicly just logging this stuff for readers of the blog . And want to be un-biased.

From what I've heard , Mark has guys that have NOS parts he borrows , to be as true to OEM appearing as possible .

One thing I'd like to add is , I'd go for the repro parts over NOS in many cases .
For the fact that some NOS stuff has shelf wear , plus very expensive ...
A lot of the repro parts we're seeing are really that good , that I'd defy anyone to know if its OEM or not ....

Hi Bob,
I don't know if this is where this blog would go but I just wanted to pass this onto the Scrambler enthusiats.

I just got my seats and headrest back from Doc of Doc's Upholstery in Belvidere IL and I can say without aprehension it very well may be the best upholstery job I have ever seen on a vintage muscle car. Doc's attention to detail is bordering on a obsession. The headrest he reupholstered for me probably never looked that good from the factory. The color is a dead on match to the originals I sent. The piping is perfect and perfectly straight and all the correct sizing. the seats are tight and straight. I can't thank Doc enough for being an actual craftsman who takes pride in what they do.

The good news for the Scrambler community is that Doc actually owns a B scheme car with the original upholstery so he knows exactly what it should look like. Better news yet is Doc has the makings right now for I believe 5 more batches of seats and head rests for the Scramblers. I implore anyone who is on contemplating getting their seats reupholstered to contact Doc right away before he runs out of the material 815-547-5408. You will not regret this decision.


Thanks eric , thats really good to know

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