Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sc/Rambler minutia from Q&A area HEATER CONTROL VALVE

Hi Bob,   In the SC/Rambler Q & A section of the blog, someone asked 
if heater control valves had numbers stamped in them.  The part number 
in the AMC Parts Catalog 1967 thru 1972 for the valves is in Group 
13.035 and is part number 319 0162.  The correct NOS heater control 
valves and my original heater control valve have "69"  stamped 
underneath the control lever in addition to "on" and "off".  The 
control lever covers the numbers up in the off position.  They are 
only visible when the lever is past the halfway open position.  Ranco 
made the valves up until about 1998 when they went out of business.  I 
believe only the valves supplied by Ranco to AMC had the numbers 
stamped in them.  The last time I saw one for sale was at the last 
Kenosha Historical Society Show there was one  correct valve in the 
original unopened AMC packaging with the punch card of the purchasing 
dealer in 1969 wrapped around the box offered for $400.00.    
Regards,  Jim

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