Thursday, March 11, 2010

AMC V8 Mallory Distibuter Data Jim McKee Authored !

In 1968 through 1972 there were two Mallory distributors listed in the "Group 19" parts section. They were both Mallory YC distributors with a tachometer drive (AMC part # 448 7901) or without a tachometer drive (AMC part # 448 7900) . You can identify the Mallory YC models, because they used three piece caps and the wires don't have plug-in ends. The YC distributors are different from the YL unit, because on YC units they still have dual points, but one set runs four cylinders and the other set runs the remaining four cylinders. The coil used for both of these distributors was indeed the Mallory Voltmaster Coil # 28675 (AMC part # 448 8059). The later and still available YL Mallory dual point is the more familiar unit where one set of points makes the circuit and the other set of points breaks the circuit. This distributor uses the more familiar single piece cap and the wires plug into a socket in the top of the cap. These distributors are still available with or without vacuum advance. None of these dual point ignition systems will work over 6000 rpm reliably.

Mallory doesn't service or provide parts for these distributors. Vintage Ignition services, upgrades, and has most of the parts for the older Mallory stuff. You can reach Mike at They often carry complete rebuilt distributors and are a wealth of information.

The available Mallory Uni-lite part # 3760001 available with or without a vacuum advance and the matching Promaster coil part # 29440 are still available at a good price from Summit. The Promaster coil part # 29450 has the ballast resistor built in and works well for AMC vehicles. The only difference is the Uni-lite is a modern light trigger unit and good to 7500 rpm. The three wires going to the coil is the only thing that gives you away. Not having to set two points is also a major improvement.

Best regards, Jim "Master of Obsolete Technology"

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