Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sc/Rrambler / AMC Minutia spark plug wires

A short description of the correct coded 1969 plug wires:courtesy of Bill Strobel
So if you do not see the AM script be carefull and buy what you really want ...

AMC Plug wires 1Q69 would of had the AM script logo as part of the date coding label.
Bill Strobel

Another really great write up from Bill in reply to a request on more info:

All AMC wires had 1967 - late 70s early 80s were black Delco Packard wire just like the GM stuff.
It was labeled just like the GM ones Delco Packard with a date code 1Q69 which would translate to 1st Quarter 1969, 2Q76 would be 2nd Quarter 1976, etc.

The only difference between the GM sets and the AMC sets is that AMC included a logo on the wire in addition to the Delco Packard and the date code. Between 1967-1969 this was the AM logo and starting sometime in 1970 it was switched to the Triangle logo.

In the 90s someone started reproducing the date coded GM Delco Packard cable sets. In order to keep costs down they only did 2 print wheels per year, 1Q & 3Qs.

Each year and each quarter in the year would take it own print wheel thus one print wheel was needed that said Delco Packard 1Q69. The print wheels were expensive not to mention printing up sufficient cable to then cut into sets. It was not a cheap undertaking by any means. In order to amortize the expense someone noted that AMC used the same cable with the same printing minus the logo.

Sets were then done up to fit the V-8 engine and were sold as Reproduction. They are close and better than nothing but are not 100%.

I have a set of the reproductions 1Q69 and have several sets of AMC wires with both old and new logos
Problem is none are date coded 100% correct for what I need.
Example for my 1976 Matador I have dates codes of 1973, 1974, 1977 1978. For my Hornet I have some 1971. For the SC/R I have an old logo set but not sure the date code. Bill Strobel

Q: So what date code would be best to get 3-Q-68 or 1-Q-69 ??
A:I'd go 1Q69.
I am sure some SC/Rs were built with 3Q68 but the 1Q69 would cover the bulk of the SC/R build even those built in the 2d quarter. Bill

Note: Would like to put up a photo on an original set (as they left Kenosha in 1969)
If you know of or have a set please post them or email .... underdog@fairpoint.net
T.I.A. Bob

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