Thursday, October 30, 2008


Any parts or services wanted can go here :
Easiest way to use the blog is to add a comment . Or e-mail me at . I'm Bob Rascoe and will be happy to pass info along ...
Also in the blog there is a parts available list . A few contacts of sellers are there ...

NEEDED : Peter Stillo is in need of an original hood scoop ..

I had a request for a set of seat belts ,

Also a set of the twin bench seats that are 1969 only for the Sc/R
Note: Gordy Chilson has seats in stock and will sell them restored , every part is gone through . From the springs to the recline drum that wears out ..
Ready to install . Or he can have your cores done ...

Note two: Hi Bob,

I just got my seats and headrest back from Doc of Doc's Upholstery in Belvidere IL and I can say without aprehension it very well may be the best upholstery job I have ever seen on a vintage muscle car. Doc's attention to detail is bordering on a obsession. The headrest he reupholstered for me probably never looked that good from the factory. The color is a dead on match to the originals I sent. The piping is perfect and perfectly straight and all the correct sizing. the seats are tight and straight. I can't thank Doc enough for being an actual craftsman who takes pride in what they do.

The good news for the Scrambler community is that Doc actually owns a B scheme car with the original upholstery so he knows exactly what it should look like. Better news yet is Doc has the makings right now for I believe 5 more batches of seats and head rests for the Scramblers. I implore anyone who is on contemplating getting their seats reupholstered to contact Doc right away before he runs out of the material 815-547-5408. You will not regret this decision.


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