Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jim McKee's Beautifull B Scheme

Hope to get some words to go with the pictures ! The engine is very nice ...Hot Rod .
Take a peek ...

Note : Jim McKee's Car (may be the only surviving group 19 that has had this much work done)?Rare , you think ??Jim says ,The engine was built at NELSON Competition. The heads were ported by ODDY and have Manley 2.100/1.625 valves with the exhaust crossover filled with aluminum.

The intake is a very early R-4B from the "Group 19" catalog purchased before I even received my original SC/ Rambler. It is one of two I have seen without the "Edelbrock" logo cast in. It does have the 448 5728 cast in behind the carb flange.

The distributor is a flat cap Mallory with the Mallory Voltmaster coil that was also ordered from the local dealer before the car came in.

The Allman and Roberts valve covers are new from Herman Lewis. The rebuilt carb is the Holley 780 3310-AAS carb purchased in 1969. You can see why I like the engine! Regards, JIm

Reply : Yes , that is amazing to have had done and still be here . Cool as cool can be !!

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