Saturday, December 27, 2008

1964 American Project Car

Hey every one . I'm going to open up the blog to 01 body cars . American , Rogue etc . Any interest we can try others as well ...

Here is Adam's 64 American sleeper . Its very solid , nice body to work with .
It was a six w/ three on the tree . A previous owner put a FORD 302 in it .
It has a 327 warmed up engine to go in it ...
I believe it may be for sale , I can put in in contact with Adam if any one is interested . The car is in Indiana ...

Adam told me when he went to see the car , it was described as a chevy II . He went and this was what it was ..Drove it home . Cool or what .
Here you are ...






I have many more detailed pictures , e-mail might be best ...



raysinvegas said...

Nice clean looking 64! I have a 64 440H that I would like to show off a bit. I guess it's time to register so I can?

SC/RAMBLER1969 said...

Sure Ray .
I'd be glad to put your info at the top Post on the blog .
Later might be good to migrate year/models as more people put their car stuff up
Thank you for being a part of the blog !!